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  1. Frogelicious says:

    Good shit man, i know you are not allowed to play 2 accounts but honestly if you have 2 phones i would 100% do it.

  2. Phoc Kieng says:

    Congrats! Well deserved. Look forward to seeing more gameplay footage.

  3. Fun Rider says:

    Friend code:4173 2166 5170
    Plz accept my request..
    (Team Mystic)

  4. starsnae says:

    they unbanned you to catch other just be aware. LoL

  5. for anyone interested im a usa account (MA) 5241 7024 4288 i try to send gifts when i have em

  6. CapnYellow says:

    Like how you didnt go trough the locations of all your recent catches. Suspect!

  7. Im New in pokemon go Who want to be friend in for more trading pokemon Im from morocco

  8. Can’t you trade the best Pokémon to your new account and make them lucky?

  9. David D says:

    man… stop spoofing… next time is permanent

  10. Congrats it's a very big wait of 8 months

  11. This dude said he went into depression after his pokemon account got banned…lol wtf?

  12. Alex Surles says:

    That second section of the letter made my eyes hurt. I see your account is banned. We can confirm your account has not been banned now. lol

  13. Andoru Games says:

    Let's GOOOOOOOOO! Finally unbanned!!!

  14. Sarthak Dua says:

    Nice to get account unbanned

  15. Those Pokémon are good lol. I wish my account had mons like this

  16. Pokémon Go Trainercode 6569 8089 5800

  17. DJ Ray8 says:

    Can I add you as a friend? I'm from Montreal, Canada

  18. Why were you banned though?

  19. kenny lc says:

    Awww that is wonderful news, so happy for you. Onwards and upwards……?

  20. DJ CHONG says:

    told you that u where going to get your account bk bro

  21. Also i don’t know why multiple accounts is against the terms of service cause whenever you have an issue signing in it says “try another account”…… ?

  22. Yay… I was jumping around a bit to power thru… do you think Niantic might consider transferring your new account monsters to your original? Or are we asking too much of them with that thought?

  23. Dude let’s GOOOOOOOOO! I’m seriously so happy you got your account back!! And you didn’t even do anything to get it banned in the first place. Congrats man that’s freakin awesome!

  24. 0:56 why is there like a camera flash when you log in

  25. Oh just trade, you will get 10 luckies

  26. Tona Morais says:

    1167 6281 0432 I trade regional pokemons

  27. Congrats man I’m so happy for you! Also my account got banned 2-3 days after yours, do you recon I’ll get my account back?

  28. Rafael Rojas says:

    Keep both of them 95% percent of the legit player base has multiple accounts not just spoofers

  29. You should make a video comparing the two accounts.

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