Overwatch | 4 MOIRA TIPS to improve your game | Tips and Tricks

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Moira is just being released so in the event you want to play her, here are 4 Moira tips to up your game.

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19 Responses

  1. Wizardxeze says:

    I think they nerfed the healing beam so Reinhardt will block the Moira's healing from left klick . . . same rules as Ana . . . if you can see friend behind shield you can heal friend behind shield . . . I mean there is line of sight check

  2. Camryn Nixon says:

    Nice tips! You also sound like Tina from bobs burgers ?

  3. Sir IceCream says:

    Is fade jump still in the game?

  4. ItsM7md says:

    Amazing quality, Bugs me how you have 4.4k subscribers only! Subscribed!~

  5. Sombra says:

    No, i do not want a banana

  6. Nice video mate, I learned a lots 😉

  7. amari says:

    Pls stop doing it so we can hear ur keyboard, nice vid tho

  8. koekzz says:

    Is this still possible?

  9. Ally Moan says:

    Hey sorry for being troublesome and asking this, but how do u make you crosshair? It seems like the horizontal line has a different colour unlike the vertical line

  10. Polpo says:

    Very useful tips I didn’t know about. Thanks a lot!

  11. jb0258 says:


    this changes everything

  12. This guy needs more attention

  13. John Song says:


  14. Oh No says:

    Keep up the good work!

  15. ditbenick says:

    Nice quality and nice tips.
    On tip for video, try to mute the keyboard.

  16. Chairs Chair says:

    Do you have any thoughts on moira’s nerf? Such as “oh no! I have to aim”

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