Overwatch: 5 ESSENTIAL Tips For Learning New Heroes

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One of the most common questions we get is how to learn a new hero in Overwatch. Well in this video we go over the core elements of learning a new hero and the best ways to pick up heroes abilities and synergies. Let us know what you think and be sure to drop a Like & subscribe if you enjoyed!
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48 Responses

  1. Rowan Fink says:

    Understanding your heros job is a huge thing that people dont understand they think its just damage, tanking, or healing. Huge difference between gold and under and diamond and up

  2. Mystery heroes can surprise you when you get a hero that you don't want to try and do really well.
    Personlly, I learnt Zen and Zarya thos way

  3. Rein is harder than Lucio? Okay, you lost me

  4. Pim says:

    Says aim isn't most important as he hits a headshot

  5. Kavukamari says:

    but do I practice in Qancer Play or in comp?

  6. Gieron Ssj says:

    Question: How do i learn a new hero ?
    This video's answer: Learn literally everything about the game.
    Thx guys

  7. Bobby Tedora says:

    I disagree that you can't use transcendence to initiate, you can as long as your team is on board and you explain what you want to do with it. I've won fights using this as I'll tell them when I'm about to use it and get them to follow me in, since they'll be pretty much invincible for a few seconds which can give them a pretty huge advantage if they focus down the big players (supports, zarya, rein), swinging a team fight in our favour. That being said I am high platinum player and I'm sure this won't work at diamond or above.

  8. DabsIsChill says:

    Been playing as Mei and when you know how to use her, she's a much better offensive hero than defensive one

  9. schwolmart says:

    your talk about synergies was awesome. I'm new to overwatch and the examples were helpful, as was this video. well done.

  10. Learning the mechanics for Hanzo and widow are easy. Just avoid the payload at all costs

  11. Ben Harcus says:

    I was watching this video and I was wondering of you could make a guide on what heroes do what roles, are generally good on what map and such. This doesn't necessarily need to be very detailed or in-depth, just enough to understand.

  12. sladikk says:

    1. find a character that suits your playstyle
    2. suck in the beginning
    3. get good at that character

  13. Shoeshank says:

    Anyone Else love that he always mentions finding the "Winston main of your dreams" lol

  14. How should I learn Junkrat?

  15. Mike Adams says:

    what I do is jump in quick play and play the hero it lands on randomly, this expands your horizons and it's better to do it with your friends and if you need to, switch if you want to win the game, otherwise don't expect to win, but give it your all to learn the hero by feeling out their abilities, that's what i did and now I can play every hero with relatively equal skill so when I need to switch in comp, I can do it with ease

  16. And for the love of God, don't take a hero into comp that you only have 1-5 hours playtime with.

  17. Lucce says:

    You used the same clips like 5 times 😛

  18. Could you make a vid on console button configuration? I was eventually able to come up with something I'm comfortable using, but I know a lot of people probably need some good recommendations too.

  19. Alebo Boi says:

    Talk some about season 4, should end very soon. Probably this month.

  20. DASH64 says:

    I love saving people from charges and hooks with McCree

  21. roadhog junkrat zeniata ar my mains

  22. Andy says:

    any tips on Tracers pulse bomb?

  23. jhonyshow says:

    awesome video!! can you talk more about synergy ?

    Thx from Argentina!

  24. I have problems of picking dps heros. I'm a tank player, and when we alredy got enough tanks and healers on the team, I stress out. I have no idea what to pick. My choises whould be Reaper, Sombra or Torbjörn. But thoes are really situational.

  25. Diglad says:

    What's your outro music, its catchy

  26. Luna Tycho says:

    About the comment about synergizing with Symmetra, I wouldn't say Rein is the best choice. As a Symmetra main, If much rather have a Zarya on the team. When Symmetra is up in the front line killing people, Rein can't really shield her, but if Zarya puts a bubble on her, it can mean the difference between life and death for both the Symmetra and the enemy.

    Sure, Rein is good for choke points for Symmetra to spam through, but when she actually attacks, he's no where to be found. If you want to help a Symmetra as a Rein, engage with her. Draw the attention off of her so she can potg the entire enemy team

  27. That Mcree->Sombra kill was pure hacks at 4:05

  28. can we stop with the "best ability/ult in the game" nonsense. I hear it all the time and it's never the same as the last time I heard it

  29. Henbot says:

    actually done pretty well without winston or reinhardt with my McCree

  30. i play PC tell me how to get teammates that aren't all using fucking xbox controllers bc their aim is dogshit

  31. laughfaster1 says:

    0:45 I was cringing when no one would focus the Roadhog. He didn't die till minutes later…

  32. the surprise people give when i say widow and hanzo are better on attacks since they get picks is frustrating

  33. Tips #6 : Don't be freaking rude and toxic in arcade no limits if they want to try new heroes/practice heroes. I know loot box is great and all, but geez.

  34. LogicalFool says:

    Well that is if you play on PC… Which I don't. ._.

  35. LaurenceR10 says:

    I've watched so much of Eddy playing Zen on stream I picked him for the first time yesterday in a proper game and got PotG

  36. Matt SOLO says:

    How about a Zaria basics and trick vid?I am a Reaper – Diva main and Zar is completely foreign char.

  37. Nick Weight says:

    I had a friend who came from CS:GO and kept using Genji as a frontline offense like a soldier should be. His aim was great but that doesn't mean much when you don't know how to move around the map. Didn't know the maps, didn't flank, didn't counter snipers. It took like 2 weeks to get it in his head that you have to play to a certain role depending on your pick. He now plays soldier and does much better.

  38. luky783 says:

    what is crowd control

  39. You guys should make an app with guides on all heroes+ they're counters and combos

  40. Kuchi Kopi says:

    Could you synthesize this down into a list and video times in the description? This is all solid information but it's spread out through 10 and a half minutes. I might suggest you do this for your other videos too because you guys have significant and valuable information that can be referred back to but when you have to sift through over 10 minutes of video it gets a little frustrating. As a viewer it's a big help on other videos.

  41. 8 bit fox says:

    I can think of nothing worse in overwatch than maining Winston. in my opinion he is the most mind numbing irritating character ever. but hey that could be because I main widow so he tries to disrupt me a lot and fails subsequently, but therefore taking my attention away from a fight I was cleaning up and then all of the kills are gone, which just annoys me and also the fact that he is in general really cringy and annoying

  42. Ryax says:

    mcree rough for genji?

    remembers deflecting their flash bang fan the hammer and deadeye

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