Overwatch – 5 INSANE Team Kills You Must See

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Overwatch – 5 INSANE Team Kills You Must See
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30 Responses

  1. It still confuses me why they play like that at GrandMaster. If I played that way in Platinum my team would say I was “throwing”. It is so crazy how good you have to be to get into GM

  2. Luca Mandel says:

    Who else has a golden weapon in Overwatch?

  3. sk3lt0 says:

    i killed some1 i coundnt even c

  4. 6:33 hippity hoppity get off my property

  5. the first one is fucking insane! No…

  6. Ories says:

    All of these clips were under lvl 200 and were by accident

  7. chunky Boy says:

    I did the first genji

  8. On Overwatch i'm the biggest noob ever lived but yesterday i got in a single match a 15 killstreak and a potg with mercy.

  9. Skynatakee says:

    8 second blade good times

  10. ItzJustMe says:

    So how is 3 considered mcree and zarya but 4 wasnt it wouldve been rein ana and zarya

  11. You sound like top5gaming

    Like if you agree

  12. Garrett Noel says:

    At 8:20, so much for ult….

  13. One minute before actual video starts? No thanks

  14. Piggy Games says:

    im a Hanzo main i have not misesd 1 single shot in 3 weeks

  15. The closest I’ve come to a team kill is a quintuple with a well-placed D.Va bomb. I’ve done that at least twice, maybe more. The placement is always the hardest part.

  16. Jason Swain says:

    I got a phara team kill with zaria

  17. Won Kim says:

    Rip marshmallow’s potg. Reason: torb’s corps got potg

    Also thifan’s same reason as marshmallow

  18. DOOKIEDOOKIE says:

    Yeah Nepal is totally ililous

  19. most, if not, all of these "INSANE TEAM KILLS" are just pure luck

  20. this guy tries so hard to extend the video time for revenue

  21. XKillRiseX says:

    My friend was on Xbox one playing with me and I played Zarya cause I wanted to give him Genji cute spray with my ult and a level 500 reaper used his ult with my friend and he got a team kill with dragon blade

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