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8 Responses

  1. The funniest shit is you getting pissed when you die. Sorry dude, but game sense can screw over even the best aimhacks.

  2. This video is not from 2018. It has Widow Halloween 'Spiders' voice line in it during the round 2 set up. Not one of the ones you trigger yourself, one of the ambient ones. So it is from October 2017 at the latest.

  3. SaiphxXx says:

    Even with a wallhack you suck really hard that's why it is undetected

  4. Fuzsion says:

    ur movement is so fucking garbage lmao, ur plat at best without cheats

  5. Are you aimbot or just wall hack?

  6. me interesa bro. Es indetectable ?

  7. ThiCCTim says:

    How much would it cost?

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