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The 2018 Halloween Terror event is finally here! With it comes a hardy dose of spooky skins that everyone will love!

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overwatch update

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50 Responses

  1. penn penn says:

    man, Genji only got a voice line, the shimada brothers are deprived of halloween skins

  2. Spent £23 and I got the Mei legendary, DoomFish, Bride, Jack o lantern, carbon fibre orisa, banshee and totally 80s

  3. No ones gonna mention how tracer didn’t get any Halloween stuff again


  5. Dissal :D says:

    Mccree skin is just Sans from Undertale

  6. Vine World says:

    How do you even get demon hunter?

  7. Vine World says:

    Pharah i love it’s the best

  8. jashon and mora nice pronounctiation

  9. Wee dident get skin for any tank

  10. The mei skin is a-mei-zing

  11. Which sombra skin should I buy? I’m not sure ?

  12. FredFries says:

    Hammond looks like the boogie man from the Nightmare before Christmas



  15. Krispie says:

    They keep giving the same characters holloween skins

  16. Zackary Hill says:

    Dude there is no way that widow could be a legendary the amount of detail compared to legendaries is psthetic and while yes it look god it does not look near good angle to be a legendary

  17. Joshua Hall says:

    Maybe now we can finally get the Top 5 Soldier Skins video!

  18. Dude it’s Hannibal lecter soldier 76

  19. Best part of the event is the new bastion emote

  20. Reaper Main says:

    Second loot box I got sombra bride

  21. dj assassin says:

    the bird acts like a zombie to!!!!!!!!

  22. Adam Martin says:

    I hate honestly hate you so much. Your voice and attitude make me want to pull my ears off. I hope you die

  23. Cathal Ronan says:

    On the slave picture you see doctor junkinsteon and his monster in the background

  24. I got the bride skin fo sombre on my third

  25. TheDaisy61 says:

    I'm still waiting for another sombra highlight intro

  26. Halmomd shoots candy bars

  27. I bought 120 loot boxes and I didn’t get the Hammond skin so I bought 120 more loot boxes and didn’t get it then I bought 2 loot boxes and I FINNALLY GOT IT

  28. They finally did Soldier 76 justice with this skin

  29. I haven't seen any comment about it but why are you doing it on a computer on a brand new account are you switching from xbox to pc?

  30. Man I wish you could transfer loot boxes on ps4, you can only give gift cards. I wish someone would help a girl out to get a few loot boxes.

  31. Krazy says:

    Why do u like mei shes so ugly

  32. T.H.H. says:

    Somehow I found a way not to vote for soldier

  33. Jzp C23 says:

    I got to draw slasher 76 whenever I can omg I love that skin

  34. Riley Parry says:

    dude you sound kind of sick, are you all right?

  35. Cocoa Mocha says:

    Thanks for the video, but I was trying to not see spoilers for the update and your thumbnail kinda ruined it

    Still love your channel tho!

  36. thomas m says:

    When you have been waiting for a year for your fav event and your on holliday…

    At least I will get back in time to get that slasher 76.


  37. You got a PC, thats why your level one.

  38. XBLADE HYDRA says:

    In the past 2 events, Genji has got a single item =)))))))))))

  39. _M0uf_ says:

    Junkensteins junkrat. Roadhog is junkenstein a monster. Unless junkrat likes to be crushed I’m very certain sombra is a more fitting bride for him

  40. _M0uf_ says:

    This event was disappointing and Halloween is my favorite one. I get they’re focusing on competitive, but it’s still sad they don’t care about causal players

  41. Weeb Warrior says:

    I am not waiting another year for a a genji skin

  42. fat shep says:

    The only skin I don’t like is mccree. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a good skin the only part I hate about his skin is that it looks like his beard is apart of his skeleton

  43. skillbear123 says:

    No genji skin…im out

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