Overwatch – ALL 312 OWL SKINS RELEASED!! (+ Free Items!)

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Overwatch news from twitch about the overwatch league and the new skins are released today! ?don’t click –

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overwatch update

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25 Responses

  1. ohnickel says:

    Which skin did you use your free tokens on?

    Also forgot to mention every team icon was also released for free as well! – ? https://youtu.be/wZwKe0-yDkY

  2. Do you get them in loot boxes

  3. Shite… its 1.440 dollars to get all of them, all the way till brigitte

  4. I got Dynasty Ana and I also support dynasty.

  5. Fuel Widowmaker!!! Really?? That guy was trolling you. You got the worst Widowmaker skin imo.
    I got the Dynasty Genji as well.

  6. The thumbnail makes reaper like an edgy minion

  7. CAMOPLAY ! says:

    Do these skins last forever

  8. I am a fusion super fan and I'ma get their skins even though some of them are ugly

  9. i used it on seoul ana i love the tiger on the gun and her back and the color scheme looks nasty 😀

  10. I’d understand if we can attach our league’s skins to other skins. Say for example, I bought Florida Mayhem for Winston and I could attach FL Mayhem’s colour scheme to a legend skin like Explorer or Diver.

  11. If I Mained Pharah I’d get the Houston Outlaws skin for her

  12. Yope Golo says:

    Are those skins from teams I mean from league challenge?

  13. BlazeplaysMC says:

    Dallas Fuel For the win

  14. Muskedunder says:

    Dynasty McCree cuz I got the golden gun

  15. In New York you can have a new main

  16. jacksonyan says:

    Are the skins slightly expensive, yeah
    But they support the teams and they look cool as hell.
    I got Seoul Genji how about everyone else

  17. The Seoul Dynasty skins look dope af

  18. I need 1100 extra tokens to get all the tracer skins lol

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