Overwatch: All NEW Anniversary Legendary SKINS, Emotes & Voice Lines!

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The anniversary event is now here bringing the WORKSHOP Live as well as a bunch of new cosmetic items. Everyone gets a dance now, with the Hamster dances obviously being the best, and D.Va somehow double dips with an epic and a legendary skin in this event, unfair! If you enjoyed this video showcasing all the new anniversary legendary skins emotes voicelines and dances, please be sure to leave it a like and don’t forget to subscribe!


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32 Responses

  1. This gives the pro OW phrase "being stuck in Brig Jail" a whole 'nother meaning lol.

  2. kemuael says:

    1:48 Do the Dew, my favourite.

  3. Zarya’s voiceline sounds a bit… familiar… cough Team Four Star cough

  4. Ty Franke says:

    Can they please make a decent fucking Widow skin.

  5. The B00st says:

    No genji skin 🙁

  6. SPKL_GOLDEN says:

    I just got gargouil

  7. Maggie says:

    Thanks for being so straight to the point! No reason for these to be 20 minutes. Also I think that Winston skin is the first one he has that I've ever actually wanted lmao

  8. RAVIER says:

    A cute laugh from Baptiste, nigga u gay?

  9. ihngaal says:

    So when u returning to cod?

  10. 1:48
    I’lllll beee riiighhtt back

  11. Master Gibz says:

    …..was that a TFS reference, Zarya?

  12. This is nice…. But not nice enough to bring me back to the game.

  13. Ben Fletcher says:

    You should’ve had the gold weapons off so we could see the colouring of the weapons

  14. Roadhog is now a pickled ham!

  15. Dawn R. says:

    'Oro' means 'Gold' in Spanish, btw.

  16. Hertz says:

    I love the reference to the Dark Knight in Soldier’s voice line

  17. TeS_8 says:

    5:00 “Mom said it’s my turn on the xbox”

  18. Finally shiw how thicc mai is lol

  19. White Washed says:

    Blizzard: let’s give the thiccest character a skin where she has short shorts on

  20. Nothing for my main reinhardt ???

  21. Ian Dingle says:

    Sombra's "Oro" skin being brown might relate to Oro from Street Fighter who wears brown? (could be completely unrelated, but sprang to mind)

  22. I think Jeff got the names mixed up on which character skin would break the internet.

  23. Fairly Juicy says:

    Thicc thighs and knee high socks are my weakness

  24. Nico Couce says:

    Sombra's "oro" is gold in english

  25. Nice, a Hound reference from GoT with the "Your a Talker" line.


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