Overwatch and Stylosa

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overwatch update

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20 Responses

  1. Kinda late saying this now, but I think you're great Sty! You've helped my gameplay, you answered questions I had, and, as a fellow sufferer of a life influencing illness, your positivity reminded me to stay positive as well. I have been subscribed for quite some time now and never commented on your videos though, which honestly I should do more.
    I guess in general it's common for people who enjoy your content and agree with you to do so in silence. These people just subscribe. It's disagreement and anger that makes people want to speak up and tell you why you're wrong. Sadly, not everyone is able to do so in a respectful manner.
    At the end off the day I think the number of subscribers says it all. If everyone disliked you, like the comments may make it seem, you wouldn't be the biggest Overwatch channel. We're here Sty, we're just enjoying your content in silence. Though this made me realise that, even in general, people should also speak up when they liked something, not only when they're upset of when they disagree with something.

  2. Calvin says:

    Haters gonna, what can you do

  3. I hate Stylosa so much, he is so over the top. OMG, THAT IS BRILLIANT, OMG. Cant stand the dweeby little cunt

  4. Brandon J says:

    Unsubscribed. This is horrible…

  5. oszaszi says:

    I dont read reddit or twitter. But based on the crap thats going on there i think i am having the right decision here 😀

  6. bigshortstop says:

    Ive critcized you in the past but its only because I want to see this channel grow and you grow as well (this is coming from a gold console sub human btw). No one deserves this kind of vitriol, slander and hatred, especially not you Sty. People seem to forget to be decent human beings on the internet and i hope you can move past this and become stronger in the end.

  7. The issue is that not once was RagTagg credited or anything. We enjoy your content and don't want you to stop but leave toxic coaching to RagTagg

  8. Schribez says:

    This is complete bullshit. Unsubbed.

  9. Raz says:

    Screw People Sty, You're the only positive OW content maker I can find.

  10. It’s inevitable that not everyone will like you get over yourself

  11. Micah Olsson says:

    I love you stylosa keep it going man

  12. Louis_T says:

    Why don’t you fuck off and stop copying, you’re the fucking Ali-A of overwatch. Just because your channels dying doesn’t mean you should copy everyone above you, dickhead.

  13. Dose that mean he well stell make overanlize

  14. dude, if u stop uploading. im actually fucked on the overwatch front. maybe not the nicest way of putting it, but your videos are the only overwatch content i have found that i really click with. you have helped me so much and your videos brighten up my day. :))

  15. The majority of viewers are silent but love your material. It’s the small frequency of rubbish comments by jerks that, unfortunately, have more influence / effect than they deserve. Keep doing what you’re doing, don’t molest anyone and you’ll be fine.

  16. John Birkett says:

    Does he ever read any comments

  17. John Birkett says:

    Just give credit to rag tagg and say he gave you his concent ffs

  18. Kazuka says:

    Strylosa. I say this as a fan of you, Jayne, Raggtagg and plenty of other channels. I've seen the "drama" and Sty. if you're reading this, I mean this with the utmost respect and admiration for what you do: It's the internet. Ignore it. Doesn't matter what you do, who you are,how positive, negative, whatever, when it comes to internet dramazzzz. Apathy is the best mentality. I implore you. Don't make the videos like this saying it hurts your feelings and bugs you, it just feeds the internet monster and they'll have more ammo to kick you in the dick. You need to keep doing what your doing, collaborate with as many other youtubers as possible, and express love to the lovers, respect to the critics, an ear to the haters (They can do good) and absolute apathy to the drama seekers (You're the devil, you're stealing this ect ect) Otherwise you WILL burn out, you WILL hate the community and your passion and positivity will likely fade or transfer to another project. It's a youtuber life.

    Let me end with this: What you're doing, is fun, and while it may not be the most critical, sometimes even accurate or objective view, it's bringing positive vibes to people. You can be positive and energetic, just remember, there is a time and place to just shrug off dramatic nonsense and get on with it. This isn't a "Screw the haters" comment either, haters can do good as far as critical responses go, this is "express apathy where apathy is the only option" which is where the drama seeking types cannot live. Keep up the good work, and please heed what I say, it can do you nothing but good.

  19. This has literally no relevance to RagTagg whatsoever

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