Overwatch – ASHE New Hero Gameplay Trailer (BlizzCon 2018)

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Overwatch – ASHE New Hero Gameplay Trailer (BlizzCon 2018)

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50 Responses

  1. Is her ultimate voice line “B.O.B DO SOMETHIN’!!!!!!” Because I just imagine that in the middle of the match ?

  2. The Egg says:

    Imagine if they were both playable heroes. Shame.

  3. Delevar says:

    ну все , ждем с ней порнуху

  4. Miko Guiamal says:

    Oh hi rule 34 what are you doing here

  5. looks like ashe from league of legends…

  6. when lian got tired on paladins and want try something new

  7. Bumblet00th says:

    this can't be a coincidence that they got inspired by red dead 2 for her

  8. Negatives PW says:

    so why didn’t brig hold her shield??

  9. Justin Jin says:

    LOL Roadhog din't die and do nothing in this trailer lmao.

  10. Censored says:

    Why would you post this it’s literally on the overwatch channel??‍♀️

  11. Force a nature, huh? Also, Bob's the real mvp

  12. Dito says:

    A new sheriff is in town.

  13. MVRDA MONXY says:

    Female mcree bob is robot doom fist.

  14. kuaikukia says:

    So this character build for the hype of red dead redemption 2

  15. Kito Brown says:

    Jennifer Hale!? This is my new main now

  16. Tac Gamming says:

    Rip Mcree he is no longer the solo desperado

  17. I can’t believe Brigitte is dead.

  18. a3s1r1986 says:

    So she's a strong woman who don't need no man…. who calls a metal man to give help as her ult.

  19. ViviKibou says:

    It's been a while since a hero was announced that I need to play.

  20. Khankra says:

    Well, prepare your servers PornHub i guess xD


  22. Cushingura says:

    Looks like the two worst guns on Pubg are better used in Owerwatch.
    I like it.

  23. Not interested in getting back into Overwatch ever again but neat trailer I guess. Interesting to see "The TF2 killer" borrowing from TF2. Lol

  24. Andy Marquez says:

    I will become an Ashe main lol

  25. Omg, i wish I could play this game now, but on vacation since my semester begins ?

  26. She's so pretty in a weird way dafuq

  27. I don't even play overwatch but seeing Ashe makes me want to start

  28. GreenFlame16 says:

    The word Gameplay in video title?!

  29. ice says:

    This game is trash.

  30. HotDogBun says:

    Dang I love her accent!!

  31. jacktjong says:

    0:49 1:42 are highlight intros
    Her primary is a bolt action rifle with a mediocre zoom scope.

    Her shift is probably the shotgun. It deals damage to enemies closeby and knocks herself away.
    Her E is probably that explosive which (I hope) is remotely detonated or shot to detonate. It deals an instant burst of damage and burns people that didn't die from the blast.
    Her ult is Bob, whom she calls down from the sky. He runs in a straight line and knocks up enemies in his path, then proceeds to aid Ashe in battle, mostly by shooting.

  32. SanicBoy says:

    0:44 "I'm a force of nature"

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