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Time for an Overwatch Ashe Skins Review! I give you this warning now, my opinions are a little toxic but I still try to find the positives where I can. The classic skin sets a benchmark that makes it hard for the legendary skins, i.e. Ashe’s Mobster, Gangster, Safari and Jungle to compete with. We also take a look at the two epic skins for Ashe & Bob with Thorns and Posh!

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31 Responses

  1. blizzard may ban your account for this video

  2. MaziK73 says:

    I thought the pink one was a reference to how she was supposed to be a posh southern belle (till she ran off and started doing gang shit)

  3. I like the Mobster legendary skin. Because the only thing I like more than western themes, is a certain Francis Ford Coppola movie series. When I play Ashe with this skin I always start spamming things about making them an offer they can't refuse and sending them to sleep with the fishes :)). I love the pink rose on the hat and the contrast with all the white. I don't have anything against the color pink in general, but it should be used in goddamn moderation, not make ane entirely pink skin that just hurts my eyes. This is why I don't like the gangaster skin at all.

  4. TFW the stock skin is much better than every other skin the hero gets.
    See you all in a year when ashe gets 1 good skin.

  5. I'm a transgendered fan of urs and idk why but even before this I knew you were my ally. Some people just wanna be angry at shit

  6. I love playing Ashe, I think she's beautiful! Her base look is by far the best. But I have to agree, I legit hate all her skins. And it makes me so sad when I get one in a loot box because I'm sitting here like "It could have been any other character and I would've been happier." Or even "this could've been so much prettier or cooler, just why those colors together…" I just hope they give her an amazing event skin. It's why I've been saving my gold 🙁

  7. I mean the common ones are the best,paintbrush is what i mostly use along with thorn for the memes.But the clasic skin is just my favourite

  8. Dude i am using thorn for that pink asd bob.Nibba u goatta lova that bob

  9. pink is the color of distilled blood.
    originally it was actually a boys color.

  10. king sigh says:

    That's sad. Really would be cool if they tried

  11. Albert FC says:

    Thorn is just like Pink Gold Peach

  12. Trust Chacem says:

    I mean I like the big mean pink bob

  13. personally i think they could of done better with her skins. honestly, the base skin is probably the best skin for her in general. it just looks so appealing. if anything the only thing that bothers me about it is the fact that she wears her suit collar up instead of folded down. dunno why that bothers me, it just pokes at my design quirks.

    the mobster one is a good /idea/ ash is a leader of a gang which is vary similar to a mob, i think bob fits the outfit perfectly being the big lug hentchmen that he is, however they could of done a way better job on ashe herself. making her look more like an actual mob boss then… whatever thats supposed to be.

    jungle is pretty okay… i mean personally i think its a bit to skimpy looking. give her some actual pants and stop trying to buy her with sex appeal (ironically after they wanted people to stop making porn of OW characters in year one) but other then that its alright i guess.

  14. you didn't even talk about the color of the reticle, I give this review a 1/10

  15. Default skin 10/10
    All epics are same 9/10 my fav being the black and yellow
    Gangster 7/10
    Mobster 6/10
    Jungle 4/10
    Safari 8/10 Laura crofft is the reason for that one
    Thorne 3/10 Bob and the gun really ruin it for me having it be metallic
    Posh 4/10 too much gold and odd places for green

  16. Jroxs12pone says:

    You know, you have to give him the credit that he does but a toxic warning in the title

  17. Ziad Zizo says:

    bob the bitch lmaooo!

  18. laserman500 says:

    I actually bought the jungle skin.

  19. Silfur says:

    Tad late but I don't agree on the redeeming quality of Gangster. As much as the gun design looks school, it doesn't look like how it works, and the useless handle Ashe doesn't bother handling triggers me personally. Classic skin = Best skin. Also Posh is pretty nice

  20. Zacynthius - says:

    Low-key Carbon Fibre Zenyatta is one my favourite skins in game… Carbon Fibre Genji on the other hand..

  21. Pear Sinpai says:

    All her skins look like burning garbage. The only good part is bob.

  22. Rocky McGee says:

    The pink skin would look slightly better if it wasnt over the top and glossy

  23. I do agree that Ashe doesn't seem like the type to wear pink, that was actually my first thought when I saw the Thorn skin but I just love it. It's shiny and pink!! I love shiny things and I like the colour pink!! You put them together and it's like heaven for me!!

  24. jb0258 says:

    This comment might be hated… But I kinda wish overwatch would copy paladins with how you can equip any weapon to any skin

  25. Who Knows says:

    Love the Gangster skin. But can we just acknowledge how perfect she would be for a Blizzard / Anniversary skin that makes her look like the Necromancer from D3, she's got white hair, a good silhouette to work with, and BoB is a great size and shape to turn into a Flesh or Bone Golem. Additionally or at the same time, you could make her a really good Witch skin due to her hat profile.

  26. okay so on the gansta skin the stripe kinda work if you look into the history of stripe. surprisingly interesting btw

  27. CiShEt MaN dOeSn'T lIkE pInK

  28. Have you seen the overwatch league skins

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