Overwatch: Cheating Widowmaker Hacker Caught? PS4

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38 Responses

  1. I found a widow with 100% accuracy, was going to report but forgot about aim assist

  2. Natoet- Nada says:

    Nah i think he of she had lucky moments

  3. the Calling says:

    you cannot say he is hacking with only one or two shots.

  4. RJ Hicks13B says:

    Oh and dont forget console has aim assist, which is pretty much and aimbot in itself. So yeah not an aimbot. Only good game mechanics

  5. RJ Hicks13B says:

    Ok so its not hacks. And btw a XIM4 still only allows maximum in game speed set by the game on console itself. I have a friend who i a god widowmaker on console, low diamond and still can outdo me using a XIM4 on console. I am masters on PC and only use the XIM4 on console because after switching to PC i just simply do not like the controller any more. You cant move faster than using a controller. The game will not let you. It glitches the fuck out. Its pretty funny. He was not using the XIM4 either. It was a flick shot on controller. There was no movement after the shot. And with a mouse there would be. 100% controller. And this douche bag earlier saying he use to test cheats for tf2 is full of shit. FYI. It was a good shot. And if they were hacking their accuracy would be much higher. And they would have a higher critical hit accuracy. Just simply a good shot.

  6. Ninjaskull says:

    Yeah this is hacks I can't tell I use to "test" hacks in tf2 he locks on and his mouse don't move a pube hair then he flicks to the lucio this is how hacks works they will move with the player. Next time this happens start moving around and see if he tracks.

  7. Arsalan Khan says:

    It's xim4 not hacks , still kind of advantage

  8. Wer Kil says:

    its legit everyone can land shots like that . you just have to be lucky enough.

  9. Good crosshair placement and muscle memory built for decent flickshots. Pretty fucking impossible to hack overwatch on console because you have to bypass Ps4s cheat detection and Blizzard's warden cheat detection. Idk I doubt it's hacks

  10. amysjourney says:

    I don't know if this is hacking. I mean she had her ult in your kill cam and it was a body shot. I mean this dude obviously plays video a lot and maybe he's just good. It wasn't a crazy shot, really.

  11. Himalyan Cat says:

    I definitely think its hacks

  12. Stolen says:

    his hours on widow proves he is not cheating

  13. I just saw a potg with genji and he had unlimited dashes wtf

  14. one. it was a body shot, two it's on console and I'm sure there 1. probably using a xim4 if anything… or 2.. use dule zone with 42 horizontal 32 vertical with 55scoped and 100 aim assistance… it's pretty common and… you got flick shot my friend… the widow saw you previously when ulting so her reactiont time was going to be faster… same thing if your walking out from a corner and a widow snipes you but you clearly see that she's using ult… not aim bot or whatever else hack there are… be level me… I would have even Ben able to take you out… not trying to glote… just saying… it's nothing too fancy… in other words… not hacking…

  15. at 1:391:41 the bullet goes through the wall and the aim is unreal I could already tell

  16. that was such an obvious aimlock

  17. no it isn't she is good like sensitivity

  18. I have to say, it's either m/kb or controller with high sensitivity, I use high sensitivity but I still can't tell what it is. Maybe someone message them?

  19. People in comments are saying it's not hacks when the Widow legit locked onto you and the ""mouse"" did not move in the slightest after that

    That sure as hell wasn't mouse because everyone's aim is a little shaky on mouse (and I play PC)

  20. People in comments are saying it's not hacks when the Widow legit locked onto you and the ""mouse"" did not move in the slightest after that

    That sure as hell wasn't mouse because everyone's aim is a little shaky on mouse (and I play PC)

  21. OMAEKA says:

    This is clearly XIM4 not hax

  22. no its consol you cant hack i dont think

  23. spoopy binch says:

    That looks like hacks to me

  24. Ninja Cat says:

    I have 30+ hours on Widow PC. There is no way he's flicking shots. That was way too fast and dead-on.

  25. Maqui-Silv says:

    I don't think this was hacking. I usually play on a higher sensitivity and jerk around when i play Ana or Widow.

  26. Land Fish says:

    I mean, normally on pc this is normal but this is console so I cant really judge but to me looks legit.

  27. Michael Culp says:

    Just looked like a flick shot with a mouse and keyboard. It was a body shot 100% power and you weren't at full health.

  28. Fadez says:

    I understand on PC but PS4?

  29. dry darkness says:

    Nah not hacks… mouse and keyboard… don't mean to shit in your fruit loops on this one however the evidence is too high for it not being aimbot.. movement it twitchy but mouse twitchy and she wouldn't have missed the 2 easy shots in the beginning of the vid if hacking… person you SHOULD be mad at is your roadhog… he should have taken her out in seconds

  30. cute neko says:

    i doubt hes hacking especially on ps4 he was probably using a mouse n keyboard

  31. Yeah I don't think he was hacking maybe he's just good.

  32. Hey Ant! says:

    He was probably a mouse and keyboard user. Usually there are a lot more m&k users in higher competitive levels. Most of them use precision shot characters like widowmaker, mcree, soldier. Characters that require aim and using a mouse makes it much much easier to hit shots.

  33. Jai Royalty says:

    I think mouse and keyboard cause if he was hacking wouldn't he have got Lucio

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