Overwatch Coaching – COWARD Gold DPS! KILL THE ENEMY!!!! [OverAnalyzed]

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Overwatch coaching! Welcome to OverAnalyzed, our overwatch coaching series! Today we take a look at a Gold Soldier 76, McCree and Ashe player. The player needs help. Say’s he does nothing wrong… the evidence indicated otherwise hahah!

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39 Responses

  1. Biggle Pop says:

    The comms this guy gives is pretty standard in Gold. A lot of people say that to get out of gold, you just need to 'Get Good'. But with teammates such as this climbing out of the woodwork instead of accepting when they make a mistake and communicate what's happening. Positioning, ult tracking and such is something I do as support but unfortunately, due to poor comms, many don't listen to call outs. It's why I choose to play with friends when I can.

  2. Mark Smith says:

    I get that he is learning and I commend him for trying to improve. I'm a plat Lucio and I'm – meh. For instance, I didn't know about the accuracy difference in Soldier's burst vs range. There are a few things, however, that triggered me here that are just common sense. The most notable was the use of Mcree's 7 sec cooldown to roll 1m. It's a 7 sec cooldown, it allows you to instantly reload and great for when you are in the shit and need some bullets quick or want to throw all your ammo into a tank… But you can't if it's on cooldown coz y ou just used it to roll 1m… that is surely not something that needs coaching…

  3. o0TraceuR0o says:

    Yeah but at the same time if he was a better player he wouldve killed them both on that mccree flank

  4. thenodgod says:

    For someone who is a tank main that flexes to heal and sometimes dps this is triggering. I get that this is probably a new player trying to improve but I get so many of those in my games in Gold/Plat that it's not even funny. THINK!
    In a 4 round game using ult ONCE!? WTF? And no, the 2nd use of he Visor by the end of round 1 doesn't really count, no to mention the 'use' of Deadeye AFTER the end of round 2. If you for whatever reason can't bring enough value with your pick – SWITCH. Also, players like this make it almost pointless to play main tank: why would you bother (and MT is a pretty tilting role to play) if ur teammates just go in front of your shield for no reason? It sometimes looks like they're actively and purposefully avoiding staying behind your barrier XD

    A game with a DPS that a) knows what they're doing and b) actually contribute are SO friggin rare…

  5. Mikey122 says:

    How is someone over level 100 this bad?

  6. To be fair soldier got booked by Hammond at the end there when he ulted. Does he know what ultimate is

  7. XStyledNinja says:

    This guy plays Soldier 76 like a coward straight men.
    I feel sorry for you Soldier 76. ?

  8. DkHaku says:

    Pro-tip guys.
    Don't cancel the killcam when you die. You can see the enemy's ult progress with that. Unless they killed you with their ult, but I've found that, when my team can actually figure out why I call enemy ult progress, they can counter like, if I call that Zarya has Grav soon, they know to look out for Grav+Dragons, Grav+Barrage or Grav+Blade… any combo that works with Grav really, so we can spread out so she doesn't get a fat one.
    It helps with ult tracking and has actually won more than a few games for me.

  9. Andre Ruiz says:

    I like it with cam????

  10. Vas Tamás says:

    Saving the ult for a rainy day :'DDD

  11. Zach Snyder says:

    just remember, attackers choose when the fight happens, defenders choose when it happens.

  12. T4uReviews says:

    I have also send you very interesting play as Ana in silver … dropped down from plat

  13. And I thought I was bad.

  14. Ryan Parks says:

    Holy shit how did he even manage to get to gold. I've seen better players in fucking silver

  15. Zarow says:

    The mcree was probably saving his ult for the next round

  16. i haven't played OW since season 4 and even i know this soldier isn't adding anything to the team

  17. I do more damage on baby dva than this guy does on McCree.

  18. KleyooTry says:

    I can't believe this guy is in gold. Really. He must be playing on his big brother's account !

  19. Soldiers always run away. That's their job.

  20. Adam B says:

    This guy is bronze through and through. He got carried into gold.

  21. Wizardxeze says:

    Numbani, Kings row or Blizzard word. I start Lucio, after we get the point I swap to Zenyatta if I used the ult in fight and am under 30% . . . Because I think we get way less value on speed on payload when enemies already have to push us to stop us 😀 that normally works well enough lol . . . one good example off flexing to different heroes in my opinion

  22. DkHaku says:

    Gotta take my mom to the hospital coz she's having a heart attack…
    Player: Ma, just don't die yet, I have to finish my game.
    I would have dropped the game and taken my Mom to the hospital ffs.

  23. veress samu says:

    Oh god, just imagine if he gets a Widow smurf, he gets deleted.

  24. Kysen10 says:

    I present Reddit mcree. Spends whole round holding ult waiting for that perfect moment.

  25. At this point he should just use his ult to reload. Then again using it for one kill is still more effective than he has been the entire game.

  26. You say don’t flame the players in the comment section but this shit is hilarious this guy is trying to improve? He could just use his head and not blame everybody else for 5 minutes and boom easy plat then when he watched you coaching somebody else pickup those tips boom easy diamond but he is just a prick

  27. Eddy B says:

    Life alert is a little pendant with a button that you press to call an ambulance.

  28. Fat Gaymer says:

    And because of people like this soldier I quit Overwatch and have the best time in my life with my decision..I only watch overwatch like the overwatch league…

    Lets face it: the community of overwatch is trash and toxic because of many matchmaking problems, feeders, leavers etc….so there is no teamplay…in lower ranks they play team deathmatch without thinking about a strategy…

    rip overwatch..it was a good idea but the community destroyed it from the inside…

  29. Yo honestly sty at 7:00 you would have instantly either fixed this player or left him hardstuck as he can not improve if he has that mentality just be honest with him listen up pussy you’re in gold you gotta start blaming yourself if you wanna improve stop being self defensive or stay in gold for life like what helped me in any type of coaching way back in league of legends the guy just told me to switch up my mentality and just think of improving you should tell these hard headed scrubs as well man

  30. bidli says:

    Help ME!

    is toxic

    "We cannot teach him, the boy has no patience brain. Much anger toxicity in him, like his father half the community.."

  31. SkratchZ says:

    Why the face cam?…..we wanna see the game not your mug

  32. Dashwii says:

    When the grind is so real that you stay in your competitive match even when your mom is dying.

  33. Hurrr Durrr says:

    During the last rounds, i didn't see a SINGLE person using high ground. Obi Wan would be disappointed.

  34. DougStep says:

    This guy needs to bind his W to Q and his ult to W, then he'll be in a half decent position and ulting more

  35. Matt V _ says:

    What was the guy thinking when he sent this to Sty?! He is just making a joke out of himself lol!

  36. Sombre_GD says:

    Comedy Gold? More like Comedy Bronze ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

  37. That gold player shouldn’t even play Overwatch at all.

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