Overwatch Coaching – CURSED Ana! Stuck in GOLD Support Hell?! [OverAnalzyed]

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This support player is way to good to be stuck in Gold – what is going on? Is Gold support player hell? Welcome to OverAnalzyed – our Overwatch community coaching series! Today we take a look at a gold ana/moira player. This player is really good, so why then are they “stuck” in gold? There must be a reason?! Let’s try and work it out!

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30 Responses

  1. I feel like most players in gold that should actually be higher because of game sense and mechanical skills always have that ONE major fuck up near the end of the game which causes them to lose. Like the Ana did for the first point. She was good the whole defense and then and the nano right before the last fight fucked it up unfortunately

  2. theacp127 says:

    This player has good mechanics on Ana. What he doesn't do is provide offensive support with his nades often and doesn't coordinate his Ults with his team well. A lot of his problems is just not reading the game flow and knowing what abilities to use. I used to be a gold supper player, but once I learned how to provide more value than just heading I immediately climbed way higher. A Bronze player can sit on high ground and heal, a masters player is hitting offensive nades, sleeping important targets, and coordinating nano with his team not just throwing it in randomly. The value Ana provides a team requires game sense not just mechanics.

  3. People don’t seem to think that elo hell exists. It most certainly does. A lot of the time your team is the reason why you lose games

  4. Mulan says:

    I’m in low plat as a dps player and the queue times are insane I literally waited 20 minutes for a 15 minute game on 2cp. I thought the majority overwatch players were gold/plat so why are the queue times so long.

  5. J lamar says:

    Ps4 gold games there is only arabs and french guys who dont speak any english on eu serves. Rip and they play like its teamdeathmatch

  6. He’s gotta reset the mmr by starting a new account

  7. This is a HARD fact of gold and it happens to people. Not all the time of course but Gold is by far the hardest rank to get out of. Healers can only carry so hard.

  8. StickyQuote says:

    Everyone Who Plays Overwatch:
    Literally Everyone:
    Every God Damn Soul: If you're stuck, it's your own fault.

    People like me and this player: Are we jokes to you?

    In all seriousness, yeah, some of us can't climb and it's for reasons entirely beyond our control. Constantly screaming at us that it's something we can fix literally does nothing for us, because more often than not for cases like this player and myself, it's not something we can control.

  9. Nathan Mann says:

    we need an sr reset. prime example

  10. If you can't control ur emotion.. go get help

  11. He’s gold because in gold there are just so many bad teammates that when you’re in there, it’s almost impossible to escape, especially if you’re a support player

  12. Evol Punk says:

    i think OW is more competitive now that there's role lock and a lot of people have turned to alternate accounts because of it and we are fighting a lot of smurfs in the lower level because they want to climb with role lock. Role lock is a god send, but it's also made comp way harder for solo queue, I feel that i get a lot of teams that queue and expect to be carried.

    I play with a friend who's been in diamond with mercy then 2-2-2 came and she fell to silver and hasn't been able to climb out since role lock. She tells me often that silver now feels like plat area now that we have role lock.

    I love role lock but there are plenty of times i wish i can go from support to tank or vice versa mid game because we don't have a barrier or main healer and the team just absolutely refuses to cooperate. There's also this insane phenomenon where silver dps absolutely refuse to counter a pharah and just stay on reaper junkrat or reaper mei then we just get rolled because pharah literally has no competition and has complete full range of the map because our dps won't switch to hitscan.

  13. Fahad Mahmud says:

    I started in low silver when role queue went live now I’m in mid plat on support. I was stuck in mid gold for 4/5 weeks I have been playing. The most important thing about climbing out of low rank as support is keeping your composure when things don’t go your way or your team does dumb shit. The moment you tilt you have just screwed yourself and the entire team.

  14. My problem and my friends is mainly sym spam and sym comps. I play tanks he goes dps, we really do a good job but when enemy looses they go sym and cheese their way either to win or draw. so we stuck im in plat he is in high gold. should i drop shield tanks when sym appears? team usually doesnt switch and get raped by her i cant win when sym is in every match

  15. Minter Daly says:

    I love your videos, but damn it man, YOU NEED TO RECOVER!

  16. I see a lot of myself in this player and I also feel stuck in “gold hell”. And yes, constantly getting bad teammates who either refuse to regroup or constantly put themselves in bad situations can keep you stuck. You can heal teammates, but you can’t heal stupidity.

  17. "Hardstuck since Season 3", but only 3-star bronze portrait?

  18. What triggers me about this video, is this is literally how i play ana. i was stuck in low plat/high gold for many seasons. I have never been the type to blame my team unless i completely couldnt improve anything else from my play. Well… i had to start blaming teammates. I just quit playing ow because of it. Until they fix the ranking curve, you will always have players who will sit at the median who can play at a higher level.

  19. BA Smash! says:

    @stylosa no I have to tell you first, I have my main at high diamond and low masters playing moira and brig. I have an alt account I used to play with gold friends and I practice hero's I dont play including ana. For the longest time, I played a dozen hours each week. I would play very similar to this Ana's play, making minor mistakes but still have good aim, good sleeps, etc. And my teammates would be so bad I would get stuck in gold on my alt.

  20. Waids says:

    Quick scoping is not a good idea tho bc then u can’t heal after shot

  21. Zen Zero says:

    My advice is this. MRR is real. I started this game after not gaming for years. First season ended at 900. Climbed to high gold and got stuck. Studied, practiced, learned match up and did everything I could to get out of gold. Always would get to 2450 and then get ten games in a row with morons. Then after seasons of gold and despite me seeing myself improve and being stuck I bought a new account. Bye bye crap season one more anchor hello mid platinum. Now working my way to diamond. Scrap this account and buy another one when the games on sale. Worth it.

  22. Matomatic says:

    At 6:45 the ana tries to quickscope heal the ashe, but unscopes too quickly which prevents them firing for ~0.25 secs.
    Unless they're practicing quick scoping, it's used when you're under pressure and want to keep the hitscan shot without sacrificing your movement. It slows your fire rate as well, which is why it's not used 100% of the time by show off streamers/pros…

    Tbh that ashe should not have been peaking that far from cover either, if she was right next to the room she could have ducked out of LOS and waited for heals, perhaps they already tagged the enemy ashe and wanted to finish the kill… idk

  23. It may also be a case of he is playing too many games. One thing that helped me get out of gold was I realized I'd play too long at one time without a break and that led me to start playing in a sort of auto pilot.

  24. He’s gold because the ranking system sucks and his team mates aren’t as good. Simple. I’m at bare minimum a platinum player and I can get a lot key heals, non toxic, and get the kills when needed but die a lot, barely win a game cuz others don’t do their jobs 🙄 but blame me for not healing when I make flanking call outs. And it’s too late.

  25. Jufes_ says:

    He’s gold because he’s playing Ana in gold, there are only certain characters your allowed to play in certain elo’s To have impact

    He should learn how to play moira and just kill the entire enemy team himself to move out of that Elo and getting to diamond before trying Ana

  26. Jaye B says:

    And people try to say ELO hell doesn’t exist.

    At some point there’s literally nothing you can do when the teams you’re being grouped with are THAT bad.

  27. Because it takes into account the stats from season 3 for his mmr. Some players are completely fucked because of that

  28. Nathan Paske says:

    Yesterday I won 3 games and lost 2. Had a net gain of 2 SR. The reason for this is because just before 1 win ended an enemy left and their entire team left. I got 0 SR for a hard win where 1 enemy tilted and left. Not sure if anyone else got the 0 SR bug but it feels like any time I want to try the game punishes me more for losses than wins.

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