Overwatch – Competitive Mei Guide

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Overwatch Season 2 Competitive Mei Guide. Learn how to tilt your enemies with Mei!
This video will show you a bunch of different ways you can play Mei and how to utilize her kit.


Evening of Chaos Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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14 Responses

  1. RedRavenHD says:

    U should be more enthusiastic I sounds like u wrote a script

  2. RedRavenHD says:

    I watched the same thumbnail turtorial that was used in the thumbnail but u did the gradient wrong

  3. Leifybear says:

    this is an insanely good guide dude! 🙂

  4. swoop says:

    I'm a mei main and i knew all of this but this is still a great video

  5. MarigoldPing says:

    yajji, your guides are very helpful. thank you

  6. Should mention how Mei wall hitbox throws off Rein charge as well. If you can, use wall to stop los ults like McCree and Soldier.

  7. Lamuness says:

    Good video. One thing that's annoying about other Meis is that they don't know you can break the ice wall by pressing E again. If they accidentally lock out a teammate or if they accidentally block sightlines, they don't have to leave it for the full duration. ><

  8. solbanan says:

    good video dude, really appreciate it. Going to implement these tips in my gameplay

  9. asoernipal says:

    very helpful guide for those looking to bring their mei-game, thanks a lot

  10. Mellow Spot says:

    Loved it. Some great information here.

  11. JonMW says:

    Good video. I'm glad she's getting some recognition in the competitive scene after the ult buff.

  12. Yajji Gaming says:

    Don't worry about doing damage with Mei, that isn't your main job. Just focus on splitting up the enemy and picking them off with your endothermic blaster. Eventually the enemy team will start to tilt.

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