Overwatch Cross-Platform moves forward – Xbox PS4 PC

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Overwatch cross-platform moving forward as Sony and Microsoft make big changes
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overwatch update

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27 Responses

  1. Do you want to see cross platform and if so separate controller/mouse games?

  2. Lamar Bowers says:

    i dont wanna play with the peasants….

  3. xRebruw says:

    this means we can play together?

  4. Remi D says:

    Addd crossplatform !

  5. Jacket says:

    I feel like cross play should be available between all platforms regardless of game, except shooters since the mouse is much better than a joystick for aiming. But other than that any game of any genre would be completley fine.

  6. Drew Davis says:

    Honestly if they just added cross platform but made it so you couldn't play competitive with console if you're on pc or vice-versa, I would be stoked because I would be able to play with ALL my friends instead of the three

  7. Ben Miller says:

    leave pc, i want only playstation and xbox cross

  8. Dark - Kun says:

    Only Quick Play not for Competitive though

  9. FireFox 5 says:

    Like I don't get why people are so toxic about cross platform and kbm advantages,this will not even affect them because I dont think blizz will allow keyboard vs console.If they decide to put this which I hope they do they will just make different servers so keyboard players(ps4,xbox,pc doesn't matter)will compete against each other and console players(ps4,xbox)will do the same thing and I dont think is that difficult if epic games can do it

  10. Moose says:

    On PS4 there might be a drastic decrease in active players (in my region, at least) if it weren't mixed because half of the players would move to kbm. If it were mixed, it would be harder for console players but the active players would increase drastically. I'm hoping it's mixed so I can play Overwatch as if on the PC.

  11. Ltyd says:

    Its hard separating mnk players from controller players unless its directly plugged into the console

  12. "major keyboard and mouse problem on console" OMEGALUL

  13. They want to control the players and nobody cars

  14. I couldn't see this happening becuase blizzard would have to put the console players with KB&M on the PC patch.

  15. FidelityOW says:

    They better not put PC in it. If they do, only QP. It'd be terrible to do comp with console players.

  16. cant wait till concel players will be tier bronze silver vs pc

  17. JB Ombing says:

    Just leave mouse and keyboard out of console Overwatch, it IS console…

  18. It’s something I would be excited to see

  19. I think cross platform is fine as far as quick play and arcade go, but when it comes to competitive, PC and console need to be separate.

  20. KoenigCCX says:

    4:43 that was the biggest flashbang I ever seen

  21. Am I the only person that hates Fortnite

  22. Mooshi Moo says:

    As long as they keep comp separate. I'd imagine gold/plat console is the equivalent to bronze/silver on PC.

    PC doesn't need more squeakers.

  23. I'd be perfectly ok with just controller and mouse being seperate, because a good proportion of my friends have xbox and I have ps4.

  24. LiSaia says:

    Dude! Yes! Please! Ive been wanting this for so so long! I really hope they do it cuz not all of my buddies have an xbox or are willing to get one to play.

  25. Syyylent says:

    As a console player. Do I want a keyboard using player having an unfair advantage over me? No. (In competitive)
    Edit: actually, I wouldn't mind crossplay with pc and console in something like arcade or quickplay. I don't play them alot anyways, but I have friends on pc that I think would be fun to play with. Not just on fortnite

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