Overwatch Gameplay Top 5 Fan Made Heroes

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Overwatch Gameplay Top 5 Fan Made Heroes

Hey what is going on guys Liquid here and today I wanna share with you my top 5 favorite fan made Overwatch heroes this is where various members of the Overwatch community have dedicated an insane amount of time and effort into creating these amazing pieces of art they are not just pieces of art though these heroes have a full set of abilities, weapons, and even their own backstories. The links for all of the heroes I show in today’s video are down…

overwatch update

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38 Responses

  1. Innerburn says:

    3:38 Holy shit! Its Cruella De Vil!!

  2. I hope one day they cant thin of ideas and start using fan made ones

  3. LOLDK says:

    Zameen should be in the game

  4. Zameen is the best fan hero. He's actually so good that he could go straight into the game.

  5. Fuzzy Bump says:

    fourth ult ( cough, meteor strike cough )

  6. The Doctor says:

    Lilliana could make a great support healer

  7. Thiccc Boi says:

    IMO foxtrot looks too realistic to be in the game. All the characters in over watch have a kind of cartoonish animated look. I don't think foxtrot would fit

  8. First thing I thought of when I saw Zameen was Skarl + Singed from LoL…. Anyone else? x)

  9. 1.if zenyatta and junkrat became one except older
    3.I stopped going to the tailor
    4.WE ARE THE CRYSTALL GEMS (and star wars)
    5.overcomplicated female junkrat

  10. I rlly like zameen though

  11. I don't rlly like liliana

  12. Is it just me or do most youtubers sound da same?

  13. Derek Fuqua says:

    Anyone noticing that Cyrille looks incredibly similar to Sjin, from the Yogscast?

  14. Idea
    Health 199
    Name Nighter
    Weapon ray gun primary attack fast blasts secondary slower more damaging attack
    Healthy heals nearby alies cooldown 8 secs
    Unhealthy damages nearby emmies cooldown 10 secs
    Hygiene boasts reload speed for you and nearby allies
    Ult fortune picks between luicios sound wave mercys ult (but you can only revive one teammate) and anas nano boost
    Role support

  15. lol finally some hero from my country Czech Republic ?

  16. And they say paladins is the ones copying, I could clearly see Maldamba on the first one

  17. Adrien Wang says:

    That last one was sick she would be super fun to play as

  18. Rekkn_ says:

    the poison hero must be a thing, we need dot heroes

  19. Jonah Robo says:

    How do you make your own hero? Like is there a format?

  20. 4 of 5 have no heal, no self safe abilities, no crowd control, no evade. survive ability ≈ 0

  21. Pato-To says:

    zameen is the besrt in my opinion its art fits perfectly to the game art style and his weapons and abillities are realistic and fit into the game mechanics and it even has a pretty good backstory if the overwatch team is seeing this i need to say its a prety nice hero

  22. BENNS JOHN says:

    There are too many girls. I swear if Blizzard adds another girl after Orisa then I'm deleting Overwatch.

  23. Magicg4 102 says:

    let me guess that is someone who makes some kind of poison cloud and someone who is essential a fire bender

  24. CorrieN4 says:

    zameen is my personal favourite, but im also intrigued by liliana's kit, i feel like its perhaps inspired by the tailoring proffesion from wow.

  25. Blazero 05 says:

    I actually like jade she is just marysueish

  26. abilities are limited and will be recombined to new characters. every gamer and comic/fantasy fan know this. i'd like to see a heavy soldier variant with shotgun, personal temp energy shield, and charge attack. a sword and shield spartan. and a tae kwon do melee guy with powered gauntlets and boots. also no illusion/decoy guys yet. no one wants fire guys

  27. Is it just me or is the first hero a bit to adult for a 12 rated game. There is animal cruelty (snakes blowing themselves up) and there are smoking references.

  28. Ok Zameen could actually be in the game BUT they will never add him sadly

  29. Zemeem somehow reminds me of mal'damba from paladins. Sorry if I offended people since they think paladins is a copy of you know what. Not being offending. Hate comments are coming.

  30. TROL500 TROL says:

    wati wat Check Republick u cant be serius o.o

  31. DarkFairy says:

    Zaheera – Support


    Zaheera was but a child of six when the Omnic Crises had started. She had lost both her parents, when they had attacked her home country Iraq. From that point on she and her older brother Amir had to provide for themselves. They did any job they could to earn some money, they begged, they stole, once they had been caught and as punishment, they had cut of one of Amir's hands. The siblings would have done anything to survive. Allthough they had become very skilled at stealing, so much, that they were way above there breadline, they one day started to assassinate specific targets in return for huge amounts of money. When they were both in their twenties, they discovered a secret source of water, which turned out to be a fountain of youth and life, whoever drank from it, would stay forever young and regenarate drastically. If you drank a lot, you'd get magic powers, the more you drank, the more powerful your magic would be. To protect this secret they build a place around the 'Fountain of Life'. They founded a place called 'Oasis', a refugee to all those, that had nowhere to go.

    Now Oasis is beeing attacked, by the Omnics that are controlled by the Godprogramm, which know of the 'Fountain of Life' while Amir stays behind to protect Oasis, Zaheera sets out to join an organization to end this war before it begins anew.


    She's very slender and pretty tall. She has very pale skin and grey- bluish eyes. She almost exclusively wears black. She has white hair. She mainly wears a black garment with a hood that at the lower part parts to the sides, which makes it kind of look like a dress.


    *Left Click / R2: Telekinetic Gun (Hitscan, low- middle damage, like Sombra)

    *Right Click /L2: Telekinetic Punchwave (Like Lucio's Soundwave)

    *Shift / L1: Warden ( Press to quickly teleport to the ally with least health, hold on to the button, to grab the teammate and swiftly teleport them back to safety. Of course this would have to have a high cooldown, since it's very powerful)

    *E / R1: Charming Kiss ( Give a kiss to teammates to heal them (100hp or give a kiss to foes, to confuse them -> no damage, but it wil revert their controlls for about 2-3 sec. + maybe give them a blurry screen.

    *Passive Ability: Fountain of Life -> After dying, Zaheera drops Healing Orbs (250HP)

    *Ultimate: Optical Illusion -> In a timeframe of 7 seconds, all enemies, that were in a specific radius will be affacted: Enemy team will see their own team as foes, while seeing the enemy team as friends. Thus they will damage their own teammates.

    *Ult Voice Lines: *
    Ally perspective: ''How about a pair of glasses?''
    Enemy perspective: ''You should go to the oculist!''

    *Health:* 100 HP + 100 Shield

  32. Azrael Gorge says:

    So one of her abilities is called unravel….oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi wo boku no naka ni dare ga iru no?

  33. The first is maldamba from Paladins
    The second is soldier with a dva ult.
    Third one torburn
    Fourth one is a halo version of pharah.
    Fifth one is dull with a splatoon bazooka ult.

  34. I have a ton of "fan mad OCs" although they are technically a part of there own story and there own world but I have modified them for overwatch like abilities and classes

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