Overwatch – Genji Guide – A Steady Blade! (Tips and Advice)

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Genji, the super cyborg ninja! Genji is extremely difficult to play effectively. In this Overwatch Genji guide, I will attempt to give play style advice and explain my reasons behind how I use Genji.

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28 Responses

  1. RGiga says:

    Undying Achievment :0 aka 20 killstreet

  2. G Tech says:

    Step 1. Spam swift strike
    Step 2. Spam deflect
    Step 3. Spam ult for play of the game

  3. Death Wolf says:

    If I had Overwatch, I would be a type of player that just plays how he wants and wouldnt care if he won or lost XD I got the game to have fun, so screw all of you try harder Im gonna play as genji and try to do parkour around the map without killing everyone >:P

  4. Ahh back when hero stacking was allowed.

  5. Leo Caropelo says:

    At 2:37 “Genji is highly mobile”. *runs into the wall 3 times while trying to wall climb

  6. Pings OW says:

    For some reason I’m really good at genji on PS4 but suck at him on PC….

  7. A Combo Tip
    Swift Strike Then Throw Your Things Then Meele That Kills Most Heros With
    250 HP

  8. How to absolutely fuck a 250hp and below hero

    Double jump onte them
    Left click
    Right click

  9. I have a main for each class based on the rest of my team

    offensive, genji
    deffensive, bastion
    tank, roadhog
    support, zenyatta

  10. DarkForkner says:

    I've only been playing Overwatch for a few months but your videos are a fantastic help. One question, though…. are you planning on making a Lucio guide? He's my favourite healer to use when defending points so I'd love to see your take on him, especially as I recently watched an Overwatch World Cup Video featuring yourself using Lucio in the Great Britain team :).

  11. Hey cmon if you play genji i dont have to tryhard just jump shoot deflect dash and thats it but i like this viedo 🙂

  12. Cupboard says:

    When I play genji I am jumping all around the point sitting in corners deflecting and swift striking the whole team at once.. oh yeah mr krabs

  13. Jews Ex says:

    Thanks man, although I'm watching this in 2017 you have inspired me a lot and thanks so much for that

  14. Planet Nate says:

    Genji is a close range hero. All his combos require being medium to close range but he is effective at long range

  15. BenRapz says:

    I can see that he's too focused on the game play ?

  16. Seb Waddy says:

    I don't always find EVERYTHING you say enlightening, but there is always SOMETHING that you say that is. This is why I keep coming to your channel.

  17. Can u do a sombra video.

  18. Genji can only reflect projectile weapons and if junkrat is about to throw his concusion mine (I can't spell that great) u can deflect same goes for tracers ultimate when she's about to throw it down

  19. Benjamin Gao says:

    No matter how good you are no matter how long you've played stylosa will always miss shurikens and the best choice for this situation is to just run because once you've lost it it's ogre

  20. I'm new to the game but genji is pretty easy to me. Is this some kind of special gift from God?

  21. MooN Ghoulz says:

    the thing is that i get messed up with the buttons sometimes and get my self killed

  22. Jawad Chohan says:

    putthe speed on 1.5x and you think hes on crack.  XD

  23. Still remember this video:'),that's where i started with genji! Always remember:long distance left click,dash,melee(knife),if no kill fan trough it,near/medium distance:fan throw,dash,melee and fans to finish off(left click him if he stays still,for some strange reasons)

  24. And beautiful potgs all the time 🙂

  25. Pro genji skills right here

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