Overwatch: How To CARRY With Zarya – Advanced Guide

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Zarya back when the game came out was considered a one-woman wrecking crew and was famous for carrying match making games. Though the landscape of Overwatch has shifted from that heyday, her impact is still immense. With proper bubble timings, focus fire and ultimates, Zarya can impose a massive grip on the match. In this video FREEDO breaks down how to command Zarya’s wide and powerful skillset.

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38 Responses

  1. I want to like her but she’s so boring, i feel her 2 primary ability’s are on long cd and don’t even last that long.
    I feel as if she either needs a third trait or a change to her ability to shield others, maybe everyone in a radius gets a shield instead?
    second of all i find her weapon boring, low on dmg and only small in ammo, would be cool if it knocked people back using the secondarily fire perhaps?

  2. Alex MaGanda says:

    Mercy main Here and thanks to Zarya i finally got out of silver shes super strong and good to carry with imma main zarya now for tank role shes also hella fun that feeling when you have your laser charged to 100% and destroy everything

  3. Present Lee says:

    Creating space with bubble doesn't work

    in bronze.
    Bronze dps players are trigger-happy. Zarya bubble and deflecting Genji are always the prior target for them

  4. Mr Dobermann says:

    Im on console platinum i use only a few of these tips. Im very aggresive and i have a 72%win rate so there are a few playstyles

  5. Rush B says:

    I think Zarya is one of the most OP chars in OW, IF you're good with her abilities. She's able to just channel a large beam killing squishy's left and right, grenade bigger targets and charging with beam and ulting an entire team with a great combo char like Genji just destroying everything.

  6. What does the number below the crosshair mean?

  7. Quick something that I didn't see in this video: your beam gets wider the more charge you have. The way I always play is at the beginning I let a bulkier tank (rein, roadhog) go out in front of me and bubble him when he starts to get focused. That gives enough charge for me to go out in front and be able to deal enough damage to not get annihilated immediately. When you get focused, use the bubble. Hopefully by that point you would have your allied bubble ready and you can pop back behind and give your other tank a bubble while you wait for yours to charge. Rein is good because your bubbles get charge even when his barrier is blocking damage (i.e. you and the rest of your team can be safe behind the shield while you still get charge). Just a quick tip kind of thing. I got a pretty high SR just using that tactic and also didn't have many teammates die. Also you should always barrier your healers if they're trying to get behind you or if they're caught out. That's probably pretty self-explanatory.

  8. 1 30M says:

    i'm starting to like zarya more now because i don't die that much and more kills lol

  9. david diaz says:

    Hey man. Would you be able to sit with me and just chat overwatch mechanics of the heros. I love theory crafting and such with play styles!

  10. Stinkyremy says:

    Zarya main here and I have literally jumped in a grav surge before to save my team, bubbled a team mate caught, then jumped in once the bubble was gone and bubble myself and I have saved a team wipe.
    Also, I find, as long as you have about30 energy, using grav then bubbling yourself, jump in the grav, alt fire with a little primary and melee is the quickest way to get dam, you kind of skip a bit of the reload animation

  11. They should rework zaryas ult to "In mother russia game plays you-Both teams are replaced by AI."

  12. i only use Zarya cus shes so sexy

    like the heavy

  13. That is a really good guide

  14. I like Pie says:

    Lol that match at the beginning though

  15. Schuh Suppe says:

    Zarya is a great way to deal with Reinhards. You can bubble when he is earthshattering you and teammates to kekep them not-stunned, you can farm damage for your gun while he is fire striking and the best: when he is charging: Use your bubble either to save a pinned teammates from squishing to the wall or jump in front of them, use your bubble and charge this way and save a teammateslife.

  16. itslight says:

    Who's here after the Zarya buff?

  17. razrv3lc says:

    So I'm guessing she's like Sombra in that barely anyone knows how to use her? Because I've got around 100 hours between Mercy and Ana and I'm not sure I've ever been attacked by a Zarya lol

  18. Zach * says:

    You heard it here first she is on the rise every day more and more people play mercy for res and dva for defence matrix zarya counters both of them she's also getting an ult buff she's gonna be the next big must pick

  19. w0ng™ says:

    Only problem with zarya is she needs better legendary skins the only good one is the winter one and the anniversary one.

  20. Mark Yarce says:

    "If road hog is being an issue for you" LUL

  21. i main zarya thanks to u ime now good at her

  22. Rhindomizer says:

    guys what is the best sensitivity for zarya?

  23. Looking for Zarya main, if you've got more than Zarya even better, on Xbox one, Gold

  24. GoomyFN says:

    My season high is 2800 and I'm 2301 not someone help
    I keep getting into shitty teams and lose
    I'm legit terrified to play comp now

  25. BER7 says:

    Freedo Quote


  26. Ciara A says:

    Peeling, Rubber Banding, and body blocking all mean different things btw ?

  27. Tired of being like DPS with Zarya like 45-7 every game and lose and lose and lose

  28. Crazy Drazy says:

    In russian, zarya means dawn. So theres no such name in russia, its just a natural phenomenon

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