Overwatch – How to Intelligently RANK UP!

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Being clever about how you play competitive will greatly help you go up the ranks!

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29 Responses

  1. metalfaust19 says:

    This might sound dumb but make sure you eat a good meal before you play seriously, your brain doesn't work right if you aren't eating right, you'll be more focused and rational

  2. Alex says:

    My teams are always best… Im ranked 1500 after a season i was ranked in at 2100… After we had lost the first map, someone everytime leaves that game….

  3. rrgert4 says:

    that if how a almost grandmaster rein plays ? LMAO

  4. Reid Hunter says:

    I warm up in deathmatch

  5. WoAh Kpop says:

    During my warm ups I play Widownaker then In ranked I play support and tank

  6. iSuda says:

    how to win: play widow hanzo and genji and just dont swap and youll win

  7. Welcome to Overwatch where everything is made up and the rank don't matter. That's right the rank is like J'Lo's husbands name.

  8. Sty meta yeah right in ps4 eu servers its 5 dps meta no dive to 3x tank no counter only 1 genji main hanzo main widow main and no Healers and tanks also the ps4 meta is 2 Snipers on attack with genji and tracer

  9. EightSeven6 says:

    what the hell is with all the wiffed ultimates lol

  10. Why did you shield in front of a wall? That's horrible Reinhardt gameplay if the enemies not attacking you because their hiding or group up then drop dat shield its simple

  11. ertix111 Aqw says:

    I wish all players would watch your videos!

  12. Andy Singh says:

    You have some really good points in this video and I agree with a lot of what you're saying. But some players are different, some can play longer than 5 games and still perform well, where as some just tilt after 2 games. The reason I like the "grind" mentality is that even though you'll experience burnout and not realize it, at least you're pushing yourself and building a mental endurance, granted you're still trying to make the best decisions/judgement calls you can when you've been playing for a long time.

  13. RoNiNk says:

    so true. I was 1 game away from diamond and i lost that game so I kept playing comp and after very frustrating losing streak I ended up at 2800 sr…

  14. PaperMedia says:

    Gets on a losing streak
    Gets on a winning streak
    "Guys rank is pure skill"
    People dislike him

  15. Stuck in low diamond?????

  16. I was about to reach platinum first time 2482 then 2168 is my rank now all I want to do is get back up

  17. Andrew Ryan says:

    How tf is this GM gameplay?!? Earthshatter on 1 hero, shielding during a 4v2. Wtf am I watching

  18. Blackariah says:

    That play at 9:42 by Ana and Dva was beautiful

  19. PickleKitten says:

    hey stlylosa can you make a video about this topic:i picked tracer (my main) doing pretty good with her bronze dmg silver objective kills flanking and focusing healers and getting tank's attention and making enemies follow me on defense and I have somebody flaming at me (a torb teamate telling me to switch) how do i handle this situation? (another person is flaming me in chat)

  20. The most of these vids are bullshit but this one make sense

  21. ATrap says:

    i play xbox and i am willing to talk but nobody joins team chat and if i invite them for a party they dont join

  22. I just lost 4 times in a row.

  23. You're smart if you deflect the enemy ana's bullets to heal your teammates

  24. Believe it or not some days when I take a couple days break from OW I usually get worse?

  25. sometimes I warm up for 1-2 hours

  26. rank matters also to get comp points to get a golden gun and if your not a competitive person dont play comp im level 356 and i see people think there ready for comp because there high level but if your good level doesnt matter

  27. GG_eerk says:

    sty im in comp right and my team is being good/bad so like there is no rein and im the only healer so im just saying just keep going on and push

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