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Today we look at more trouble coming from the Overwatch League Esports Community. EQO was caught making racist gestures on one of his livestreams.


Info on the xQc Controversy:

Overwatch Fines on Players and Coaches:

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8 Responses

  1. jwu89 says:

    I am a Korean living in Israel, and I have had several experiences of people ridiculing me for being Asian. Of course only some people are like that, but there is a ‘racist attitude’ I can certainly notice.

  2. Shanks says:

    Anyone got a clip of what he did?

  3. New to the channel, but nice video man, you have a new sub (you get right to the point, I like it)

  4. Players not being trained on how to behave? Gimme a break. Cultural differences? Yeah sure. Squeezing your eyes forcing a slant isn’t a cultural difference, lmfao it’s common f sense.

    Although I will say he claims it wasn’t done to mock, so. I can see it being casual, but someone’s always offended…man up and speak your story. Don’t apologize kissing ass if you did nothing wrong.

    I don’t give 2 craps about their sexual preference, which way their eyes go, or how they feel about any other political issue. They need to shut up and play the damn game not spout off at the mouth trying to be attention whores.

  5. So practically Asher is a sensitive little bitch. Got it

  6. towncat 2001 says:

    Ur like the only one who actually does videos talking about gaming news without fucking up the news like others do 💯💯

  7. Get you with the new subs brah! Keep it up!

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