Overwatch League in a Nutshell

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overwatch update

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50 Responses

  1. McCreamy says:

    If you guys like this video I'll make a part two!
    Hope you enjoy <3

  2. iunary says:

    Such a fucking farce…. its like a "nerf gun" pro league… with teams BOUGHT AND SPONSORED by nerf, in an event payed for by nerf…. and live audience employed by nerf…. you do see that this is not a true "pro sport" such things need community involvement and outside investment… since all of this is payed for by actiblizz and their exploitation of the player base it is just a SELF PROMOTION that they expect customers to pay for …

  3. Nele Seniger says:

    this is the greatest lmao

  4. anyone watching in october cuz they miss when mccreamy did overwatch videos

  5. PerkyPie GT says:

    Right before Overwatch died. Sad times

  6. no says:

    I miss old mc creamy

  7. R Egg says:

    Can't believe this is the same channel that made the videos released recently

  8. Swear the last time i saw this vid it had like 500k views

  9. TeLeViSiO says:

    HEY EVERYONE………This Is Jeff From The Overwatch……..team…………….here with another dev update……

  10. that road hog with the 65% hook only has 32% weapon lmao

  11. Jar Head says:

    5:44 that's misery? I eat taco bell everyday 🙁

  12. Im new to overwatch and the league seems…too cringey.

  13. The first minute shows off a bunch of losers

  14. 아아카이 says:

    역시 울나라 게이머 지랄맞게 잘해

  15. Hello n says:

    2 many dabs 4 overwatch

  16. Xqc makes me wet my britches

  17. Frog Duck says:

    1900: we will have flying cars in 2018

    2018: overwatch league.

  18. Edolie says:

    this makes me so sad now idk y

  19. I was at six flags once and I’m pretty sure there was some people from outlaw.

  20. silver says:

    If only dafran was here lol

  21. Crj2002 says:

    McCreamy got bored again.

  22. Pine xqc and saebeolbye are the best

  23. ihraham says:

    should i sell my pine body pillow?

  24. WatchfulGred says:

    Imagine if this was someone's first time seeing Overwatch

  25. Jm 115 says:

    wow, just imagine, being a full-grown adult taking one of your kids to this mess…

  26. jesus garcia says:

    Was that ninja in the thumbnail?

  27. The good days before brigg

  28. Hafiy Sufri says:

    OW players are bunch of childish retards

  29. Honestly, The thumbnail looked like pewdiepie >.>

  30. The beginning of the end of McCreamy

  31. Chris Carter says:

    What's with the take on me?

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