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Overwatch is stuffed full of lore, story and cultural references – even in the heroes skins! Roadhog’s Islander and Toa skins are full of connections to Polynesian, Hawaiian and Maori myth and legend, origins and lore – discover the folklore, history and cultural references here!


Overwatch origins and lore wise, Roadhog, or Mako Rutledge, is a rebel without a cause after his original cause literally went up with a…

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27 Responses

  1. Hammeh says:

    What do you think of the stories of Maui? Do let me know in the comments!

    As folks have said previously – perhaps old Mako's Islander and Toa skins hint to his background and ancestry, even if he did live in the Australian Outback before the Omnic Crisis?

    Thanks for patience on me releasing a few less vids last couple of weeks – should be back up to speed later this week and early next week 🙂


  2. Lol, Maui and Roadhog both have hooks.

  3. Toa Haggie says:

    Yo thanks for my name

  4. octo man says:

    I feel that roadhog is just misunderstood and he was just furious and depressed when the bomb went of and had many regrets and he is just trying to survive!like if you agree.

  5. Maui is so good I worship him

  6. No mention of Bionicles…

  7. What can I say except I'm a one man apocalypse

  8. I would also note that in his house on Junkertown map Roadhog has a blanket with traditional maori patterns. I think, like with Pharah's native american heritage, Blizzard has kind of adopted fan interpretation of Roadhog's islander skins.

  9. Broth says:

    what can i say except you're welcome!

  10. Haslett says:

    Did anyone else look up that, uh, 'interesting' Maui death story?

  11. And Mako means shark in hawaiian, just a reminder to u all

  12. ΜrCookie says:

    Love the skin and mythology lore!! still haven't watched moana from Disney though.. haha

  13. Ami says:

    Bloody hell, you should be a teacher!

  14. Kae G. says:

    Perhaps do one about Pharah's Bedouin skin ?

  15. Box cat says:

    what can i say except your welcome

  16. Francko says:

    I think he was good but after the omnic crisis he changed. He didnt seem to care as much and did what he want

  17. Big Succ says:

    How is hammeh gold? I always think youtubers are diamond and above.

  18. Glyx _ says:

    Greetings from NZ! Really enjoyed this particular analysis 😛

  19. war fire says:

    Islander was my first legendary roadhog skin,i love to know more about the people around the world!!

  20. Star Power* says:

    Whats the song in the background?

  21. Lord Dio! says:

    if your taking suggestions pharah's mechaqueen skins doomfists avatar/spirit skins and genji's nomad skins would be fun to delve into

  22. Tafkat says:

    I've been looking forward to this since the skin lore series started. Well done Hammeh!!

  23. Lenny Lynch says:

    Myth version of Maui: has tattoos (moko) on his face
    Disney version: tattoos everywhere but his face

  24. AA_red101 says:

    Anyone else from New Zealand?

  25. OHH YES says:

    Disappointed in this tbh. This video felt more like a History of Maui video than one describing the lore of Roadhog's Toa and Islander skins. Would've been cool if for example you talked about the wekus and tā moko tattoos, and the history behind those. I did enjoy the Polynesian history bits, though.

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