Overwatch | NEW HERO CONCEPT: Firestarter (Offense)

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A new hero concept was created by some talented artists who were able to create not just concept art, but also multiple full-on 3D renderings of the character. This is Overwatch News.



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38 Responses

  1. Now I did not like this character at all but I really liked 2 and 3 I just didn't like 5 it just uuuhhh

  2. This might be the queen of junkertown because there's a similar looking weapon near the queens throne

  3. Cody Watts says:

    what about the name Incendiary

  4. Jesse Mojica says:

    Looks more like a team fortress character

  5. Karl Ritchie says:

    The design is far too steampunky but Overwatch needs a pyro style character.

  6. Landon Davis says:

    is it bad i like the brown one better than the colored one

  7. make that emily…
    perfict hero

  8. She would be a great addition to the roster of heroes. Maybe her name could be changed to "Pyra".

  9. NomNom Nom says:

    I really want this in game. You can do interesting abilities with this. One in my mind is a melee with her weapon that causes lingering fire/burning damage. She can be a support maybe and have a heal like cauterize wounds and stuff.

    tbh I just want to see her to counter Mei, it’d be funny

  10. Kyle Kern says:

    I have some ideas for this character:
    Real Name: Cantara Mahir
    Nationality: Iraq
    Affiliations: Talon
    Primary: Flamethrower: It's right in the name. It's pretty much the fire equivalent or Mei's Cryo-Blast.
    Ability 1: Sparks: Shoot some sparks at medium range in a circle around you, does minor damage to enemies.
    Ability 2: Fireball: Shoot 3 fireballs at long range. Each fireball does 50 damage.
    Ultimate: Flame Whirl: Create a Tornado of fire around you, dealing damage to anyone who gets close. Anyone at point blank is 1 shot.
    Origin: At age 32, Cantara helped work on a special fire-based weapon to combat Omnics during the Omnic Crisis. The weapon was designed to heat up to the same heat used to smelt metal! Many troops used this weapon, but Cantara was the most skilled. Unfortunately, the weapon was deemed illegal after the Omnic Crisis ended, leaving Cantara with nothing to do. You see, the battlefield brought out a side to Cantara that wasn't usually there. At home, she was a simple young lady who tried to be a good wife to her husband. On the battlefield, she was a raging bull who couldn't be stopped. She felt a thrill every time she dawned her gear, like she was unstoppable. Cantara had a hard time putting down her weapon, for she was addicted to the adrenaline rush that was combat. She would burn her garbage in an attempt to replicate this, but to no avail! One day, a strange man under the alias of Reaper recruited her to join Talon, a terrorist organization which vowed to cause conflict in which they believed would help humanity grow stronger! Remembering the adrenaline rush, she accepted! She became sort of the Anti-Mei!

  11. mmm… oh a hero can use magnet to control junk-metal or other with a hand gloves and backpack as the boots con move faster and as ult-electromagnet burst con boost your friends armor an move faster.

  12. VRO says:

    Yeah but … IS SHE THICC THO

  13. cart00nz1 says:

    i think Firestarter should be/have a junker skin and would have an ability where she can give her teammates a sort of armour thing (the way torbjorn does) and the person that collects it would be immune to being frozen by Mei. Anyone think its a good idea?

  14. Big T zier says:

    This carechter can be the Princess of junker town

  15. We need more Tank and Support charicters.

  16. Maybe Junkrat wife or Me I Evil sister

  17. Rico Tyson says:

    They should make a twin of one of the main characters but make the complete opposite version of them

  18. van treyu says:

    To close to Pyro in tf2 it won't happen

  19. Jace Beleren says:

    Chandra Nalaar, is that you? Is this what you've been doing since Amonkhet?

  20. my idea was a defencive hero called pyro or something and he is quite short but deals damage, his main weapon is a flame thrower and one of his moves is he could throw molotovs, his special is he could creat a fire wal, dealing massive dammage and fire damage over time, it spreads all around pyro and if his teamates are near it makes a fire wall around them too(its very big for pyro but not as big for teammates) he has a medium range flame thrower and another one of his powers is he could create a trail of oil( quite long and big, and not very visible) and if he were to hide and shoot it, it instantly flames up and does a fair amount of damage and deals low damage to enemys neaerby the oil

  21. Neoventus500 says:

    Needs colors to stand out

  22. Diogo Reina says:

    those are not animated textures thats dinamic light

  23. Lolface No says:

    God damn it we don't need another offense.

  24. Hey blizzard look at this…

  25. McGee says:

    I like her younger look in the thumbnail and she needs to ride that weapon as a scooter

  26. Fun Fact: This is based off a cancelled Overwatch hero of the same name.

  27. I know it probably won't happen, but I want to see a Marvel/DC Superheroes event

  28. You talk about al these characters but jeff kaplan never talks about them. Where do you get this info!?

  29. Jeff: Oh, good job man! Will deffinetly make it! (doesn t make it) Artist: RIGGED….

  30. So today let’s talk about it!!!!!!!!


  31. E105_Alpha says:

    New hero characters are always welcome.

  32. There should be a hero like the Mechromancer from Borderlands 2..

    I know a lot of you would say it would be OP but.. i think it would be cool to have a character that can summon or call in a mech that will support the team & the mechromancer herself..

    Imagine some sort of AI that you can command to do things for you in battle..

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