Overwatch – NEW MAP Teaser & Baptiste Archives 2019 Connection?

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An new Overwatch map teaser may have already appeared! Could this new poster hint be pointing at the 2019 Archives event mission, a new map for Baptiste, or both? What’s in Havana, Cuba?

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39 Responses

  1. Let me know what you think the significance of the Havana poster is by leaving a comment down below!

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  2. Natski says:

    Havana oo na na

  3. Swayzer says:

    👏👏👏 this is a good clue.

  4. Havana and a Haitian hero? Sounds more like we are getting AC4 Overwatch version

  5. Just a reminder that Symmetra and Lúcio don't have a map that is related to their lores at all. Plus none of Torb, Mercy and Reaper have no map to call home either.

  6. Twisted says:

    it has to be a talon mission i swer 2 god

  7. Si Found says:

    Puts up new poster
    Ignores dead omnics and destroyed airport

  8. Hmmm idk if we’ll get Havana for archives bc they tossed out a decent amount of lore with Baptise. I kind of feel like it’s too telling?

    I'll just stop

  10. Duckkis says:

    Nothing like starting the day by watching your videos. Keep it up!

  11. KyleCorbeau says:

    I like how they update the poster but don't fix the airport. Just in world, that seems fucking hilarious to me. "Hey can we clean the trash out of the airport, Frank?" "No, it was a crime scene 2 years ago, but we're now taking flights to and From Havana for more people to see our train wreck of an airport."

  12. Mira says:

    A map set at a beach would be so nice! It would be something different than all the city-like maps and I‘m pretty sure it would look amazing escorting a payload down the beach. I think a map like that could be refreshing 🙂

  13. Your thumbnails always get my attention 🖒😁

  14. Nate Smith says:

    So Numbani can change their travel posters but not fix the wreckage made by Doomfist. Talk about priorities

  15. Carit World says:

    It might just be something that's meant to be more realistic. After all, putting up a poster that says "Temple of Anubis" is kinda like saying something like "Hey, go visit this mosque in India!" or something, instead of advertising the actual city.

  16. Winston says:

    Havanna oh nana

  17. megan d says:

    i'm putting my money on baptiste being the narrator of the new archives event, like mccree was for retribution. although mccree wasn't the one the story centered on (retribution basically happened because reyes killed the guy instead of following the plan), he was still up close, and he's someone we know we can trust and someone who is well liked. baptiste is definitely a great example of bad guy gone good, an underdog of sorts. he'd make a great narrator for a talon focused pve mode, as he could express doubt and anger in the cause talon fights for and what he's doing with them in the epilogue. something vague and epic to end on, like "that's when i knew i needed to get out". i think they could utilize his role as a talon defector really well in a lore heavy event like archives

  18. DorkyAF says:

    does moira have her own map ?? i'd say kings row but it doesn't feel right

  19. Sakura says:

    5:59 Too late you already hyped me with the tittle

  20. TheCakeCraft says:

    Okay, so in the Overwatch universe, the people who work at the Numbani Airport went out of their way to change the banner for one of the destinations, but STILL has not cleaned up the gigantic mess of broken robots and messed up benches. Get your business priorities right!

  21. WHAATEVEN says:

    Disappointed that they replaced a poster instead of adding a new one. The art for the Egypt one was really good, why replace it and not just add another poster???

  22. Chief Beef says:

    1:37 you forgot moira/lucio/mercy

  23. 맥크리 says:

    한국어 패치되서 보고싶네 뭔말인지 조금밖에못알아듣겠어

  24. gordon009 says:

    Which map is related to Torbjörn?

  25. SquishyMain says:

    They should add background thing before adding heroes, so they don't seem so out of place.

  26. Matt L says:

    Does reaper have a map?

  27. SquishyMain says:

    We did just get the Paris map tho.
    But it would be cool to have this map.

  28. SoulTales says:

    nah. it will be linked, i dont care what you think, but that is a teaser.

  29. KalKenobi83 says:

    Im hoping for Talon not

    Caribbean Coalition I will be disappoint if its

    Caribbean Coalition

  30. Havana oh na na he took me back to east altanta na na

  31. Ty Brooks says:

    Oh so they update that but not the rest of the god d@mn airport?
    The thing has been wreaked for a year now

  32. James Thomas says:

    it’s baPtiste noob

  33. Jack Maltbie says:

    What if there was a new type of game-mode/event game that makes it so that its a type of 4v4 situation, like a few Overwatch agents are investigating Talon activity and run into Baptiste and they have to escape together, and the other team is composed of 4 Talon-based heroes that try to follow them and the final battle is a no-revive 4v4 type situation, so that whichever team gets all the kills of the other team then a specific cutscene plays after, but if the other team wins then a different cutscene plays, or it could be a timed fight and it's ambiguous which faction wins the fight. I think this would be super interesting but super complicated. What do you think? (good vid btw)

    Edit: This would also be a good way to see present-time OW lore

  34. DutssZ says:

    Damn, I think if blizzard places a polygon inside a map you guys are still going to discover. A barely knew numbani had posters of locations on the airport ><

  35. Havana oo na na, half of my heart is in havana oo na na.

  36. I think Havana at some point will be added to the game because kings row and hanamura already has their maps

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