Overwatch – NEW Symmetra PTR Gameplay – SHE CAN THROW REINHARDT’S BARRIER!!!

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Symmetra is looking rather tasty on PTR right now. Photon Barrier looks AMAZING (1k hp barrier)! Shield Generator is MENTAL (+75 shields). Oh LORD!

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System Specs

Intel i7 6900K overclocked @ 4.6Ghz
Water Loop Coolant: Mayhem Aurora…

overwatch update

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43 Responses

  1. Josh 218 says:

    a few tiny little pellets dealing 8 damage dont destroy the shield

  2. Ice Cube says:

    Right. Who thought this was the new Sumatra?

  3. 1.5 years later and she's still shit

  4. MegathekidYT says:

    1 year later Symmetra is still a troll pick 9/10 times.

  5. ButterCat G says:

    My god this is old now days syemmetras are cancer

  6. Zombieguy says:

    maybe there is sombra hints

  7. Peti says:

    still getting TheLegen27 ads…

  8. Z-link Plays says:

    you know that you can put 1 turret or more right???

  9. Karel says:

    She isnt a support anymore

  10. Gabe Yates says:

    "SEVENTY FIVE SHIELDS?" Not that orgasmic man

  11. Imagine this:
    Reinhardt's Shield
    Orisa's Shield
    Symmetra's Shield, Photon Shield Generator, and a Photon Shield
    Torbjörns Armor
    Zenyatta's Orb of Harmony
    All guarding a Turret Bastion, or the Orisa that planted the Shield down. If it's that, then add in a second Shielder, like Winston

  12. Chemil says:

    Plot twist: Orisa's barrier is inspired by 4:30

  13. Chat says:

    The barrier has 1000 health

  14. shoezomaku says:

    I left for Basic before talks of this was ever a thing. Obviously being there also meant I wouldn't have access to the knowledge by the time it had become a thing. And by the time I could play Overwatch again the change had already happened. Needless to say I was very surprised the first time I played her after the change, as I tried applying a shield to a teammate and instead I shot a shield at them lol.

  15. Ya… he said Holy Hell , i wonder why?

  16. Lucas Burch says:

    wowowowowowow drop the bass haha
    Love your channel!

  17. XXXTENTACION says:

    I'd nut in that virtual ass

  18. PonyJosiah13 says:

    How do you toggle between the ults?

  19. Mr. Thiccums says:

    how do u switch to the barrier on ps4

  20. mr. reality says:

    the second you spoke I had to dislike the video

  21. Nah. It's just that the throwable Reinhardt slightly downgraded barrier takes up to over 1000 damage and it doesn't always break when hitting walls. Only where the white turret like thing is.

  22. is this update on consoles soon

  23. is this update on consoles soon

  24. Domo says:

    it is all fine with the changes except the extended atk range,since it doesn't require aiming,it kills genji so hard sosad

  25. holy cow, when does this go live for everyone? I loved symmetra before but this is insane.


  27. Gina chan says:

    she is so op but I love it good bye d. va players and torbjorn players lol ^ω^

  28. You overexagger symmetra. A stupid shieldcoming your way that honestly looks shitty to me. On another note… great another Widowmaker counter.

  29. Robson Grape says:

    hmmm sheild gen + lucio health boost + sheild pack

  30. Will this bring back Bastion?

  31. Keith Hill says:


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