Overwatch News – Loot Boxes FIXED! (no more duplicates) / NEW Highlight Feature / CUSTOM Crosshairs!

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Wow, just wow! The latest Developer update ( contains tons of info. Firstly, the highlights system has been completely redesigned, you can now capture custom highlights and export them as video files! Custom crosshairs are in, design your own! Loot boxes will now have a much reduced chance of containing duplicates!

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overwatch update

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46 Responses

  1. The amd equivalent of shadowplay is Radeon adrenaline edition

  2. Bwuuj says:

    I still get duplicates………….(uninstalling)

  3. it's not a fix! Less duplicate means less money, means you ain't gonna be able to buy those 3000 exclusives skins!

  4. E says:

    When you try to fix the community's duplicate problem but make it litterally impossible to get coins that I need for new skins
    Pls Jeff gib me me dupes back

  5. John Snow says:

    I mean duplicates were kinda a good thing was a good source of coins

  6. SO ehm, am i the only one who no longer get coins from duplicates? I got the Mccree Noose spray twice when opening 4 boxes, and i did not get any coins.. Am i the only one?

  7. What happens if I buy all not legendary items and open lootbox?

  8. Fool -_- says:

    "Drastically decreased chances for duplicates"
    Have opened 4 crates since patch and all had at least 3 duplicates

  9. total frost says:

    when is the new loot box system live for console? will it be live before the return of the summer games?

  10. opli gangaa says:

    You are a terrible youtuber

  11. When is the crosshair thing coming? it's been a month

  12. Calysta says:

    Dude I love your laugh haha

  13. Clumsy Fawn says:

    Yeet is such a fucking kid lmao

  14. Yay this means if Summer Games 2017 has the 2016 skins and the Slip and Stream skin from hots I can get them all (probably) (I'm tracer main)

  15. Liofa says:

    Click bait title.. greatly reduced duplicates… not "no more duplicates"…

  16. Art by Annie says:

    When is this happening? Did they already fix it?? I'm still getting hella duplicates.

  17. Gordon says:

    Wait, when is this update coming?

  18. when does this go live? should i save my lootboxes til then?

  19. justnvc says:

    Hi are you capable of not bullshitting your viewers with clickbait lies in your titles and giveaways? Just curious.

  20. cool video and all but desliking for clickbait and slow talk. 11 min for this video is a lot

  21. the hunter says:

    Who else got pissed when he was hooking them without having reloaded???

  22. Acid Lamb says:

    are lotboxes live now?

  23. Ofs Ysf says:

    Out of all overwatch news channels, yours is the shittiest. I mean, COME ON man, it took 22 seconds into the video to prove your tittle false.

  24. x69x420x69xD says:

    And without duplicates how we've got gold to buy skins from events ?

  25. xbox doesnt have the custom crosshairs 🙁

  26. Ynnk says:

    There will still be duplicates happening. Clickbait brits

  27. Myname says:

    No more crappy duplicates

  28. Oh my god.

    OH MY GOD.


  29. Click my picture for a biscuit

  30. Hey, event loot boxes might be worth buying again. Took them long enough. >: (

  31. They should add a selling system so if you have every common skin for Genji for example you could sell them and receive 75 coins with epics 250 and legendaries 1000 gold

  32. Ffs nothing can fix my goddamn luck

  33. These changes sound great. The lootbox change is a bit too good imo. I would've been fine if they just multiplied event dupes by 3 like their price. I would also prefer a replay system where you can move around as a spectator/ghost on your last match if not last few matches. Would take more work and require more things, but it would be more helpful than just being able to export highlights as you can view your lowlights and see where you can improve.

  34. JESUS says:

    I'm on console and I'm still getting duplicates. The last loot box I got was all duplicates :/

  35. Jamie Rose says:

    Anyone who thinks this isn't going to come with a massive reduction to legendary drop rates is fooling themselves.

    What you're going to get is far more blues and whites and far less coins while event legendaries remain at 3000c and never drop.

    Have you all not figured out Bli$$ard logic yet? This is exactly what they did when 3000c was introduced.

  36. Logan Smith says:

    Disliked because click bait– there will still be duplicates, and yes, I understand that it's practically without duplicates, but it's not the same.

  37. To he honest, i don't like your attitude lately… other Youtube do check the newest features out and capture them and edit their video so everyone can see how they work. i Think you are either too lazy to do that or you constantly try to push as much content out there the fastest you can. And srsly Sty, that's nothing to do with quality, but quantity. This is a shame. I watch your videos to be well-informed not to see some half-hearted shit I could do all by myself. i beg you, don't be so try-hard. Quality over Quantity.

  38. Ceel says:


  39. HypoTherm says:

    I got a legendary dupe FUCKING yesterday!!!??

  40. Carl L says:

    This is a video, edit it! 80% of this "informative video" is you messing up and failing to do things. You should have all of this figured out before starting recording.

  41. ITZARACOON ! says:

    Why not change the cross hairs for consoles?

  42. Gaboseries says:

    8:36 Chat: "Wait is that the real sty?" Lol this dude thinks he's playing with the real Sty smh

  43. Gaboseries says:

    Lovin' this update so far, I already have all the skins, voice lines, sprays, emotes, highlights, etc. so now i get Mcdonald's cupons on my lootboxes 11/10 update

  44. Anthony Q. says:

    But I like my currency 🙁

  45. MOONMAN says:

    let me guess, good aim and bad positioning

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