Overwatch News | xQc Done with Overwatch League, Response to Kephrii, Pharah Changes Buff or Nerf?

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We are back with some debatable topics involving the future of OW League and xQc’s response to Kephrii. What do you think? Oh and Pharah changes might make you a little angry.

00:37 – xQc Retires from Overwatch League
00:53 – xQc Explains Why He Won’t Return to OWL
2:07 – Kephrii Asks DC for a Tryout
2:53 – xQc Responds to Kephrii Asking for Tryout
3:44 – Thoughts on Bypassing Contenders to OWL
6:01 – Pharah Updates on PTR: Buff or Nerf?

Valkia Video:…

overwatch update

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2 Responses

  1. AyydanK says:

    Kephrii is one of NA's top 10 Widows and can probably be in the midfield in owl but in the Overwatch scene basically everyone asks all teams for trials, you usually can't get them without asking (refer to Mykl, ex pro and contenders team owner)

  2. Arman Clark says:

    not a fan of overwatch fan but im here to support the channel;

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