OVERWATCH Official Animated Short “Reunion” – Ashe Reveal | BlizzCon 2018

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See the Overwatch animated short from BlizzCon 2018 featuring McCree and new hero Ashe

overwatch update

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21 Responses

  1. TheGuess2D says:

    "oh hey it's that map"

  2. Team Carries says:

    "You never been one to shy away from a good tip.."

  3. Psyferno says:

    Who is the robo lady? I thought it was mercy at forst then I was like naaah

  4. David Green says:

    I ship Mcree and that bot at the end

  5. Yu Jay says:

    Honestly surprised they used the name "Ashe" as League of Legends has already established a character of that name for a very long time and could very well try and Sue Blizzard for using the name..
    Kinda like that time King owners of Candy Crush Saga sued every single game for using the words "Candy" and "Saga" in their name and Won or settled nearly all cases in their favour..

  6. undertvle says:

    was ashe the reason mccree’s arm got torn off?

  7. Clinton Cook says:

    They literally introduced three characters they could add

  8. they’re both so fucking edgy and dramatic my god

  9. I wish overwatch had a campaign

  10. Mrs McCree says:

    This is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me, y'all <3

  11. Rebin Shwan says:

    Was it me or could you also taste that apple pie and coffee?

  12. Stale Bread says:

    I knew it, everyone said she'd come, and now she's here!!!! Yeeeessssss

  13. Awesome animation as usual, but when is Bob gonna be his own character. I love that he is mute btw


  15. * opens pod * ITS RED DEAD II

  16. ShreddedWolf says:

    1 word for Mcree…”badass”

  17. RhedinRage says:

    Only Robots were harmed in the making of this movie.

  18. I know that type of diner and let me tell you they have some of the best grits, pancakes and pie you will ever eat

  19. Mc'Dyan says:

    dang, i laugh when Ashe got tied and she still talk to McCree
    and she screaming in the distance :3

  20. Mr.mustache aka Bob is the best character. And also at 4:03 if Mcree fand the barrel and turned at the right time this short would end at 4:15 meaning there are only six badguys. And also for some reason the show The Riflemen comes to mind

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