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Are you unable to do damage with Pharah? Missing your rockets? Are you dying too much, so your team is asking you to switch? We are going to show you drills that will improve your Pharah game. Learn how to control the rockets and collect that gold medal every game. Improve your basics vertical movements by practicing how to juke around corners and hit your enemies. Practice air shots, so you can win the spectacular air fights and earn the sharpshooter play of the game. If all this…

overwatch update

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37 Responses

  1. Correction (thanks /u/ThatCreepyBaer): Ster was playing in the Word Cup, not in the Overwatch Open. Sorry about the mistake!

  2. firebird x says:

    When i shoot her rockets if they arent direct it does no damage??? I think the new update messed her up

  3. What gamepad are you using?

  4. dodger Fan says:

    Wow. Great vid! Really helped.

  5. Phara was my first main and thx for this video i can finally be good as phara xD

  6. Aden says:

    It sucks that the bot takes 4 years to respawn

  7. Gravity says:

    Good video ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm a phara main player and i'd like to add something. Practice also your shots, when you are in midair and drop down. It's really effective to hit rockets, while dropping down.

  8. Gonna try out Pharah soon! Thanks for the amazing guide

  9. question. is it a good idea to jump from one hero to the next practicing different things all at once or should I space it out. I usually stay in the training area until it kicks Me out. after some of your videos my damage on my tracer has increases by over 2k

  10. i need to learn her. thanks

  11. GN02 says:

    The people who uses pharah are the most noob people in the game. They are just fucking flying in the air and shots near the enemy. Other classes needs to aim to the enemy, but pharah needs to aim nearby. So pls overwatch should remove pharah. ty for reading

  12. Jared Wright says:

    Is there a downloadable/printable drill sheet for Pharah like there are for S:76 and Tracer?

  13. No google spreadsheet for this one? Those are lifesavers!

  14. Milogop says:

    Very very helpful drill guide! Best one I've seen for practice range Pharah ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Wow, I always look in the comment section of the videos that I watch and it's impressing that you have answered all the comments.

  16. jon schor says:

    i thought you're not supposed to aim from the wrist?

  17. neorealiti says:

    now THIS is a hero tutorial video

  18. Outstanding video. Great fundamentals and explanation of direct hits v splash damage.

  19. Dog says:

    I play pharah as well as ster but still stuck in gold cuz teams suck

  20. Brother Shaw says:

    120 Per direct hit is subject to change? How do you know that?

  21. Kory Ponting says:

    A good thing to practice that went overlooked is shooting both the conc-shot and rocket at the sametime, then getting an air shot on the target. Excellent way to kill 200hp squishies, albeit a very skill-challenging combo.

  22. I can always count on OverwatchDojo to literally help with everything. ? Thanks

  23. Vidua says:

    Think you can do Widowmaker?

  24. 5imp1e says:

    couldnt a drill be that you go into a custom game with 6 lucios in skirmish? i have done it alot and its helped significantly with aiming rockets

  25. WTF!? This guy is a Pharaยดs GOD

  26. Paparazzi says:

    this channel is very helpful and i cant wait for widowmaker aim guide

  27. What's your keyboard called at 1:44

  28. rrrrnnnnn says:

    I love this video,so I made Japanese Language subs and have already sent it.
    I would appreciate it if you could approve that ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. IHA says:

    this video literally helped me get a 11 win streak… THANKS!!

  30. mert aksoy says:

    In my opinion this channel will be very big soon.

  31. Fellow Crow says:

    Can you share some tips to find right sensitivity pls :3

  32. iiNKZ says:

    could you make one about WidowMaker Please?

  33. I am in low grandmaster, between 4k and 4.1k and Pharah is my second most played hero after soldier.

    I feel that in your videos you often tell us how to do stuff, but rarely go in depth on when, where and why to do certain things. I definitly understand that it is hugely helpful for lower ranked people who these drills are really good to practice with to diversify your gameplay and improve your current technique. I would appreciate more advanced guides for certain heroes that targets a higher ranked audience like myself who often just looks for new tips and tricks, or even certain drills to help diversify your combos.

    In this video for example you just talk briefly about Pharahs E ability and show the most obvious thing we all have seen in streams and such, booping urself on a wall to gain speed to get somewhere. If you would go in depth with this there are so many scenarios where it can be game changing if you just have an inch of coordination with your team. E behind Reins shield in beginning of fight anyone? Bump away healers out of line of sight? Create space for low HP team mates? Split entire enemy team when they run through a choke? The list is endless, yet very few Pharahs see it that way. I see a lot of Pharahs being very conservative with the "blue ball", personally I tend to use it as soon as possible in every fight, anything at all to gain a small advantage. Currently sitting on a 60% winrate with her across +40 games.

  34. Another great drills video! thank you for your work

  35. Terrible Net says:

    Why do you use Keypad? How do you type for strategic or just talking to someone?

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