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Overwatch PTR patch notes including a buff for Reaper, McCree and a nerf for Roadhog #overwatch

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overwatch update

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37 Responses

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  2. When does this patch come out

  3. I think the roadhog nerf is fair. The hook is such a powerful ability. Each hook will now have to require team work to make sure that they'll get a pick. But than again… im a McCree and Reaper main…. Roadhog will never stand a chance against a reaper now. And with McCree buffed…. D.VA META IS BACK BABY

  4. bobby olsen says:

    Why is Hanzo able to oneshot with scatter then i mean they both have an 8 second cooldown and you can use scatter in other situations

  5. This is retarded, road hog is supposed to be a big and strong guy. His weakness was his size and fire rate. Now he can shoot fast as hell and should be called ROAD HOG 76

  6. 『 』 says:

    I think Reaper should gat a small burst of healing after a final blow to make his passive not less but more usefull than the old one. Because he was able to get the souls of all dead people (the kills your team gets). now you only get hp 4 your own damages done which makes his passive a little bit underpowered but intended to be used as a dualist. It helps you a lot to survive in a fight, but a little burst of heal at the end of a blow would make him feel much more better to play and his passive woud feel much more noticable. What do you think?

  7. 『 』 says:

    McCree is a god, reaper is kinda shit, roadhog is COMPLETE TRASH.

  8. mariah xo says:

    Yay finally Reaper got a buff that's better then he is now, I'm excited to play him again 🙂

    Also he's one of my mains so I'm excited! <3

  9. Kumori says:

    Mccree: Now i can ult and deal a bit of damage instead of getting instakilled with an arrow on my neck in the first 1 second.
    Reaper: Too op. Blizzard probably is going to reduce the heal from 20% to 15% or less. He's basically a beyblade with auto heal, and as i said, will be reduced.
    Roadhog: The comunity wants an one shot hero with 600 HP and auto heal. They don't want a character that actually needs to aim the shots to kill anyone, they want an one shot tank. Period. Blizzard should never listen to these crybabies. Now he's much better as an off tank, just like zarya and d.va. But you know, people like things the easy way. Press shift, aim in front of you and press left mouse.

  10. I hate this new update, hod was perfect, now he is horrible, McGee is fine, but the new reaper is now insane
    Also, if reaper is using death blossom with six people in a room, he is unkillable
    Also, roadhog can now only one shot 150 health players, let me name them off: tracer and baby d.va
    Road hog is so useless now I would rather use Lucio for " good damage "

  11. R.I.P Rodhog again 2017-2017"Killing him once wasn't enough."

  12. Life Map says:

    Roadhog putt nerf is deppressing

  13. It's insane the number of people that get mad and don't even go to the PTR to actuallt test the changes so they can truly ask the dev.

  14. Let the nexus skins stay nexus stay nexus skins

  15. Burger says:

    Thats so gay, dont give non HotS players the D.va and Genji skin, please Blizzard

  16. wish you would just read the things, nobody really gives a fuck about what you have to say

  17. Hog needed a nerf! Hooking someone and just getting a free kill was just terrible.He could one-shot 75% of the heroes….75%…Hes not complete shit on Ptr he just has to stick w his team now. When he hooks someone and maybe meele them the team can finish them off. He just had too much sustainabilyty and health 4 a tank and it needed to be changed.

  18. Being a roadhog main Blizzard trashed on him, I can't one shot anymore, which is completely bullcrap. And I also got the golden gun 2 days ago, so YAY FML

  19. h HG says:

    blizzard will remove the roadhog-nerf. Look at all this negative comments about roadhog

  20. Symetra is the only person that needs a nerf

  21. the roadhog salt comments good fuck that guy

  22. Kyle G says:

    This roadhog nerf was needed

  23. Can we buy one Gengi and officer d.va

  24. Wert says:

    The roadhog changes just made him crazier, he can shoot extremely fast and has 1 extra bullet with his head hit box decreasing. as it wasn't difficult enough.

  25. Seibah says:

    After wasting time on the nexus challenge you can now buy super rare skins for 1k credits and get then from lootboxes! Nice gg blizzard thanks for making us shit on our schedule

  26. Griffin Ross says:

    I hate that there giving away officer and oni I earned those myself u messed up blizzard

  27. pzyqux says:

    the fuck do they men tank heroes have lots of health and do little damage? they have lots of health and do shittons of damage. roadhog 1-shots everyone below 300 hp

  28. A S says:

    I just spent 30+ hours getting good and climbing as hog last season and now all them hours are wasted :*(

  29. Republic 117 says:

    what happened to his Minecraft videos

  30. all you Roadhog mains need to shut up. He should not be able to hook my Dva in my mech and instantly get me out of my mech at 600 Health. I'm glad he was nerfed cause he was OP as fuck. They need nerf Bastion cause he is OP as fuck and can heal straight through any Ult.

  31. MuzicArtsHD says:


  32. Farrel Akbar says:

    every dps beside tracer could counter roadhog after the update started…i am really sad seeing a piglet hook someone than lick it than tickle the fuck out of the enemy butt hole than kill it

  33. Farrel Akbar says:

    roadhog is total garbage now

  34. this is one of the best changes because they made the lazy hog players to use skills instead of hook and my main reaper is BUFFED!

  35. KarasuXMX1 says:

    Reaper did not need a buff, I believe Reaper was perfectly fine.
    If you flank then you're set for greatness, giving him a heal is going to make him even more game changing because he'll be like a Mei.

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