Overwatch | REIN ULT CHANGE LIVE?! – Visual Bug or Rework inc [News]

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The very weird Reinhardt ultimate visual change went live on the normal client yesterday. Maybe not a bug after all, or is it? Some speculate that this may be in preparation for more Reinhardt changes or some sort of ultimate rework. :thinking:

overwatch update

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47 Responses

  1. EhRayTV says:

    I could be wrong and probably am but that hyper x mouse looks like they just took a deathadder and put their name on it with bigger skates

  2. DANGER777666 says:

    cant fix what you cant see

  3. Cyndakyu says:

    Bride widow PLEASE

  4. The skins were meh this time around. I like the Zen one and I'd use it if I got it as a random drop but the epics are bad and the other lengendaries.. well… technically well made but look just uninteresting to me. Which is a shame because last time there were a number of really awesome skins (such as Soldier's Grillmaster 76 and Mercy's Winged Victory)

  5. FIX. PS4. COMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Well from playing rein today he is still a buggy ult mess

  7. Edge Transit says:

    This game has changed so much I used to love it to death but brigette Hammond and Moira ruined for me seasons 1-3 are the best

  8. Cameron Morr says:

    So their "fix" for Reinhardt is to remove the ground cracks that indicate the ability's AOE and replace it with literally nothing so we can't tell if it worked properly? Pathetic. Absolutely fucking pathetic. Now there's going to be people complaining about being hit by something they couldn't see. That's shit game design right there.

  9. jayro boza says:

    If an event goes live 3 times can the oldest items become permanent additions to the lootbox plz

  10. 😀 those are names in russian

  11. Dude your a fucking idiot if you can't even figure out why they changed his ult visuals. You're too retarded to run a YouTube channel I'm unsubbing

  12. Bracksis says:

    I still think the change for that Ult is a bug.

  13. Jared V says:

    Its cause blizzard doesn’t care

  14. Dontreadthis says:

    Imo the shatter feels even buggier now then before

  15. Can we please get a YouTube to talk about the console problems

  16. Audi Thief says:

    That’s pretty fucking autistic on how they changed it.

  17. Neo Isa says:

    I'm pretty sure that the visual changes were to stop people from complaining that they were out of the shatter and got hit or in the shatter and didn't get hit until they can fix it since shatter has been pretty buggy.

  18. World Truth says:

    Lol they made it worse, it should just be a big rock wave

  19. Smith5000123 says:

    Spider queen – orisa
    Bride (of Frankenstein) – moira
    Slasher- brigitte
    Ghost is way too ambiguous. But considering doomfist doesn't have a Halloween skin maybe him.

    Hammond won't get a skin this event probably. New heroes seem to get their first skins a year after release. So likewise, slasher may not be brigitte. I'm confident about spider queen and bride though

  20. Bryan Zocco says:

    Earthshatter is a frustrating ultimate to say the least. I understand the intricacies of heroe ultimates I use the fraction of the time I have on Reinhardt. Every time I think I understand who it's going to hit and who it will miss I lay the hammer down and get varying results.

  21. jacksonfrog says:

    How come the summer games event had only like 37 cosmetics

  22. This guy M. says:

    Spider Queen – Orisa/Widow
    Bride – Moira/Widow
    Ghost – Sombra
    Slasher – Rein/Genji

  23. Mei says:

    I'm pissed that Blizz just gets rid of the animation, then we don't know if it should have hit or not. Can't be that hard to have a cone aoe that has a small vert hitbox to work, right? I know with the bunch of different factors, yeah, it'll be real annoying, but the game has been out for years.

  24. Honestly, this event is pathetic. The skins are cool, but we got the least amount of cosmetics since the launch and a lucioball map (essentially the same as the others), no new gamemode

  25. Mei says:

    Bride skin? Weebs rejoice.

  26. Positronnn says:

    Ana is in every single game I play in low masters FYI. Played 10 comp games last night and she was 100% pickrate.

  27. Jack Mass says:

    event a disappointment

  28. Edoras says:

    It did change for me but I actually get cracks towards the end of the shatter like the last 2 meters are cracked, nothing like what you showed? why is that? weird. I played with it some comps it's not too bad, for me at least, the last cracks still allow me to gauge the hit area.
    Here I uploaded an example real quick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMH_0P6VoIo
    Looks different to me I think.

  29. haunsa says:

    mercy will sadly always be a far better pick then ana or moria CAUSE SHE CAN HEAL THOUGH BARRIERS

  30. Paddy 2890 says:

    Omg I thought it said Soldier was getting a new skin called, "Spider Queen." I was thinking, "Does that make Soldier a drag queen or something?" Lol

  31. twifb says:

    The last event i really enjoyed was the first uprising event
    Everything after that i did not enjoy it as much tbh

  32. Dnarte says:

    Do you guys has some sort of email that I can submit footage to? My earthshatter looks completely different, I even went to a custom game and tested it out and it looks like the draw for the crawl happens way later, PC foot if that matters

  33. Andrew Nieto says:

    Skins were weak, but I could not win a Comp lucioball game. I can get a hat trick and my team will somehow allow 4 goals. Wtf

  34. kACID says:


  35. Guilty UK says:

    The figure skater will probably be lucio

  36. Blah Blah says:

    I wish Ana has either 3 sleep darts or have her sleep dart have a lock on

  37. As the rein change stands, it seems like a cop out to actually fixing any bugs he's had for like 2 years now

  38. Foym Foym says:

    I'm still having REIN ult problems

  39. not caboose says:

    its so you don't know if it bugged out and missed or not

  40. Fallen2Rise says:

    As a Rein main. I’m upset. Then again I sadly haven’t wanted to log in bc this event didn’t excite me. Really sad bc I love Overwatch and I’m scared I’m getting tired of it. Really hope I’m not though.

  41. My theory: They changed the visual of Rein's shatter so you won't be able to tell whether or not it was a bullsh*t shatter. That way they won't actually have to fix their heroes and continue beating Mercy and Sombra's kits with iron mallets

  42. CODandponies says:

    You can't complain about what it should have hit if you can't tell what it should have hit

  43. Domga says:

    No Mercy skin. I riot.

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