Overwatch – Surefour Playing Against a Hacker 6 Stack

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Papa Jeff gonna be mad!

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Stream Date August 10, 2017

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50 Responses

  1. This video made me like Surefour even more, he's hilarious

  2. "XQC annoyed him, he left chat" basically everyone with two brain cells on twitch

  3. The irony is that surefour fought a bot with a bot. bastion op.

  4. Ben Stich says:

    How did they know they were hacking from the beginning

  5. BattousaiHBr says:

    lmao the gengu was so bad

  6. Wait, I'm confused, what was the problem with the match making?

  7. I’m I the only one who saw he was playing white XQC

  8. Leonnow says:

    XQC makes it all even more epic

  9. Foxynou says:

    Mmmmh 4:54 quite a perfect aim for the gengu dash.. weird

  10. RedBitz says:

    for some reason this was inspiring xD
    if i were against a hacker i'd give up

  11. it sounds like a battle field

  12. Dylan Carr says:

    this is literally heroic

  13. How did they know that there is a hacker before they even started?

  14. Pear says:

    Ironic that the hacker team plays winston…

  15. Whats the name of the music ?

  16. This, this is why i still play overwatch. No matter how much Smurfs, or hackers, as long as you have spirit and no throwers. YOU WILL PREVAIL VICTORIOUS

  17. Sylvia Gamez says:

    Omg why did her curse so loudly my MoM HeArD ThAt

  18. For some reason, XQC sounds like Pewdiepie to me

  19. I’m here unable to beat silvers

  20. People really dont know the difference between hacking and modding


  22. J _dog says:

    This is like goats 1 and a half hrs ago lmao

  23. how are they even hackers? they arn't hackers at all ,its just 3 2s against 6s korean boys pls get a life

  24. Spirit says:

    Omg this is such a fun match to watch. They hyped it up so good

  25. Motrix says:

    the momen at 14:44 when fairytail music starts xD

  26. Tekopyhyys says:

    that was so hype holy shit

  27. Vigilant says:

    Aimbottingtracer: activates aimbot eheh boiii dies by bastion seconds later and becomes angry korean gamer

  28. Rage Darling says:





  29. LOL you can tell theyre hacking just by seeing how stupid they play.

    Enemy winston: "guys I'm solo diving the bastion in the back ez clap"
    literally .3 seconds later: "shit i got shredded go get him tracer"

  30. Noel Modesto says:

    “The rest of them suck at the game.” No I think the one that sucks the most is the aimbotter

  31. Brian Krahn says:

    Nah that tracer wasn't hacking but he had one hell of a gaming chair

  32. ThE mAcHiNe Is DeAd!

    Best Overwatch call out of 2017.

  33. CG Gamez says:

    I ran into that tracer hacker. I felt your pain to try and beat him. It was just him hacking tho so it was pretty easy.

  34. Josh Green says:

    there are levels to this shit

  35. 丂ひ尺キ says:

    "Keep fighting, believe in yourself" man i wish when im in placement matches people say like this

  36. Pan Darcy says:

    this is mortal kombat worthy shit

  37. Ventner says:

    "let's put two diamonds duoing in a low GM/high masters game against hackers"

  38. Um hacker reclamando de outro!

  39. Bob Jenkins says:

    No one’s gonna mention how they had 2 diamonds on their team?

  40. How do you know they are getting boosted or hacking?

  41. MsUncleKevin says:

    6:30 the teamplay was as dramatic as Apollo 13 pilots desperately trying to fix their shit on the moon

  42. Wait how did they know they were hackers before the game started?

  43. Carlee Nave says:

    More dramatic than Romeo and Juliet

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