Overwatch: Symmetra & Mei BUFFS Coming! – Jeff Kaplan Speaks

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Overwatch heroes look to be getting buffs in the near future including mei, hanzo & symmetra. We could even see abilities like scatter arrow completely removed! Jeff kaplan also talks about toxicity and one tricking. Let us know what you think and be sure to drop a Like & Subscribe if you enjoyed!
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50 Responses

  1. Jeff speaking out AGAINST one tricks & REMOVING Scatter!? WTF IS GOING ON!!??

    Also changes to some more of the niche heroes is a great step for the game!

    Let us know what you guys think and what you would change about these characters!

  2. Sam Henry says:

    Very easy way to nerf symmetra for good. Make her fun do less damage the further away you are aiming from your target

  3. Sam Henry says:

    Symmetra gets about as close to ruining the game as you can get

  4. What if they make her weapon more of a burst laser, that still tracks just as hard, you just have to press the fire button more than once?

  5. Kong Truong says:

    If people can't handle MOBA (multipleplayer online battle area) then goes back call of duty.

  6. RobotVEV0 says:

    Freedo stop making vids

  7. Symettra needs a rework. instead of her having shield generator there should be a health regeneration generator. For her teleporter should have a shield for her team coming off spawn from the teleporter. Instead of the death orbs she should have a laser pistol. Then for her shield she cast out she should be able to cast the shield over her teammates.

  8. Mike Seo says:

    So can we finally give stupid symetra a healing turret. Limited to total of 6 no matter which turret she chooses to put down? Why the hell is she a support hero anyways?
    Can we give symetra a little skill cap by making her weapon work similar to Moira's? So they actually have to aim a little? Zero skill cap hero seems a bit… boring.

  9. Caleb Linton says:

    Blizzard: “Pick rate doesn’t mean much since characters are situational so we are going to buff characters that are fine balance wise op almost but really aren’t picked that much”

  10. J-Strokes says:

    I think they should do Sym sorta how they do Moira. Moors gets a damage ball and healing ball also can spray healing and leech for damage. Maybe make her turrets either be offensive or healing (user picks like they do with moira). She could also stick them on allies to give them a regeneration affect or maybe to enemies to debuff. The cost would be extremely high like 3 or 4 out of her 6 turrets. I think this makes her more useful and playable while not being too powerful. She could set up "heal stations" by employing them in spots her team will be to give healing. Teams would focus their offense around her placement of the orbs. They can still be shot off or destroyed by enemies but I don't think this breaks her. She is still unique and she gets more use out of the turrets other than just defending

  11. ….shocker mercy nerfed again it’s almost like they want to make sure she’s unusable

  12. Lyn Charles says:

    Video games will soon become safe spaces

  13. I hope they buff her sentries, it feels way to easy to destroy them or maybe shorten the time they refresh. Let me dream, make her able to either launch a photonic barrier or deploy a hardlight bridge.

  14. As usual they are buffing and nerfing the wrong characters

  15. Why remove scatter, Hanzo is very immobile, slow has new defensive abilities, so you decided to take his one and only trump card??? I dont get

  16. Buffing satan(mei) is a terrible idea… when are people going to complain more about her like they did with roadhog and how he was OP mei is a easy to learn character kinda like roadhog except u can escape with roadhog while mei u cant unless she dies u or she walls herself off and heals …

  17. demon souled says:

    or blizzard can just delete Symmetra

  18. DJ Boi says:

    Instead they could replace shield generator with a health generator so she actually is support lol

  19. Connor Balog says:

    Let Mei reload in ice block and reduce icicle ammo cost by 5.

  20. Halfway through before you get to the title topic… no one gives any fucks about the reporting system

  21. benjamin tan says:

    "everyone reports the player to push that report along" its already happening JUST for the wrong reasons , plays sym and everyone including opponents will report xD

  22. JUST MAKE THE COOLDOWN LONGER. Rez isnt removed from the game, so why should scatter? hog hook can still be a one shot combo, doomfist can still one shot DPS…. why is hanzo under the lens of all heroes?

  23. Why not let each one of symmetra's turrets heal nearby teammates and or her gun instead of the secondary deathball let her heal her team. And her ultimate could be like a transcendence hardlight flare she shoots in the air and heals everyone nearby.

  24. Mike Salt says:

    Upping the durability of symmetra's turrets might be a nice touch.

  25. Honestly, I don't get why there's so many people that uses the skill as an argument. If you fight against a hero that dosen't need to aim but in reality is inferior compared to ther heroes (Symmetra), with a hero that need to aim really well and if you very good with him you can do insame amounts of damage (Mcree, Genji, Widowmaker), obviously those heroes would win because the only "good" thing that Symmetra has to defend herself, it's a good with which you don't have to aim and damage grows, but that dosen't matter because if you aim well with those heroes that need aim, then you'll rarely miss a shot, and that means that Symmetra "good" point, it's completely powercreeped.

  26. They should give her a scatter beam that locks onto all 6 enemy players at once and 1 hit kills them all, and then hacks their accounts and automatically posts complaints on the internet about it.

    Seriously though I've never seen so many people act like sym is some kind of god. Really makes you wonder why zero of these people ever pick her.

  27. Buff mei…not needed…buff symm…not needed…game goes to a bigger state of shit every patch…

  28. Bloggerman says:

    Having only gotten nerfs and no buffs would it be nice to see Mei finally getting a buff.

  29. _Shook_ says:

    Man, I wish mercy's ultimate didn't get that huge of a nerf, it'd be nice if they kept the fast Rez, I'm fine with only having one Rez.

  30. Seriously? Symmetra is WAY too OP already!!

  31. One buff I (an active Sym player, not a main yet) would like is the ability to modify the purpose of the turrets. They could be altered to instead grant 5 shield points a sec per turret or something similar, which would decrease at the same rate or quicker after leaving its range. Would make chokepoints easier to deal with than spamming right click.

  32. Am I the only one dumbfounded by the rein and orisa kamikaze? I mean feed that bastion all day if you want but this isn't get melted simulator ??

  33. I’m in silver but I’m really good at overwatch but I just can’t climb because I get stuck with these trash players and then these high tankers come in and assume we all are bad when it’s not really our fault that we can’t climb

  34. I think they should give symmetra a healing ability because every support can heal but her so I feel they should put that in and make her plasma balls go a bit faster

  35. I personally believe symmetra is the most op character because she's tracers counter and tracer is jeff and everyone fav. I love her too, but enemy tracer is annoying.
    Most people just don't have the IQ to play symmetra, you can't just place her turrets anywhere.
    But if they would buff something is the cool down for her turrets. That cooldown is slow as a sloth.

  36. It'll be very helpful if Blizzard can indicate which hearoes are "situational". Maybe a red/green bar or something.

  37. primechef24 says:

    2 of one of the most broke characters nice job Jeff nice job

  38. Actioncat7 says:

    What we REALLY need is Moira beam decreased in range. If I can be flying at the highest level in the map and she can get me from the ground there is something seriously wrong

  39. Could you decrease the sensitivity of the mic, and instead increase the output volume? There's a lot of clipping

  40. LmAo I’m a Sym main and I know damn well she don’t need a buff

  41. Mrsaintastic says:

    mercy is gonna be ass again great 🙁

  42. What the fuck how is rez op? Especially now

  43. T-Rizzle001 says:

    i'm a sym and i dont think she needs a buff shes in a good place what really needs to happen is a moira nerf shorten her beam range and have her damage orb disappear if she dies also its a bit bullshit when you stick her with tracers ult and she can just faze out of it

  44. I don't understand why everyone seems to have a problem with mercy being able to bring back at most 2 players when there are several carecters that can wipe out an entire team with there ult.
    Mercy is fine

  45. Sym is too easy to play she dominate in silver, don't only buff base on pro

  46. Skittlesbug says:

    very happy about these buffs!

    also im sick af of scatter arrow

  47. Holiday says:

    Jeff pls buff sombrero

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