Overwatch | The Meta's Secret Tank Counter + Special Announcement

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People tend to tunnel vision a bit when new metas take shape, so let’s take a step back at what appears to be a strong contender for balancing this meta out.
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42 Responses

  1. hey everyone, thanks for watching and here's a direct link to my website project thingy: https://www.gamesentry.com/home
    GameSentry was more of a creative challenge for myself and it's been really fun to go from concept to ready site ❤ would really appreciate any feedback you may have!

  2. slogdog534 says:

    ……hero selection isn't reportable but then again people are ass hats

  3. Reinhardt only works if you got teammates that know his value and know how to coordinate around him.
    Anyone that is below masters level is very unlikely to know how to support or play around Rein.
    Below masters level teammates would have limited understanding of:
    -Staggering the enemy
    -Positioning around corners, covers or choke points offensively and defensively
    -Don't understand that the Rein needs to back off to manage the shield and would not listen or watch for cues that the shield is low.
    -Have poor healing priority
    -Do not realise Rein's need to have his back protected while he protects the front line for the team.
    -Zarya bubbles timed prematurely before taking damage
    -lack of knowledge regarding optimal healing synergies in 2 2 2 to optimise Rein's survivability and mobility (aka Lucio is a good pick to compliment)
    -Walking in front of a healthy Rein shield and dying. (Absolute dumb asses you see from diamond and below)

    The team that understands how to play around Rein the most is the team that will win the meta. Otherwise, its Orisa and Sigma all the way as these heroes take less overall team knowledge and coordination.

    This is why its hard to solo Q as Rein right now.

  4. Lucas Cass says:

    another interesting thing to note is rein also counters doomfist and to an extent sym. doom struggles knocking rein around and he can baby sit the support line and body block when doom tries to dive in, he can just beat up doom with his hammer whenever he tries to engage, and in a 1v1 sym REALLY doesn't like having a rein in her face, and rein's really the only barrier tank who can actively avoid charging sym via threatening her close range and being able to put away his shield. sigma has to land 3 skill shots, which unless in a perfect world, its bound to miss one time or another.

    hes not like…phara vs junkrat counter, but hes definitely the best barrier tank to take these two on hands down.

  5. KARMA says:

    Sounds good, doesn't work. Rein can't defend and attack at the same time, he gets smashed by Doom and Sym too. Orisa and Sigma just bring much more to the table than Rein can. Constant and flexible shielding, CC that doesn't suck balls, fortify and personal DM.

    It's like saying Bastion is a sEcrEt meTa cOunTer. Sure he can delete shields, why isn't B played though? Bastion is a bad hero that's why.

  6. Sam Farrelly says:

    Rein main here and yeah rein is pretty strong in this meta

  7. Jay Dude says:

    The secret meta is one-punching people into walls with Doomfist.

  8. YES! Rein has been my go-to in a way he never has before, I get support to approach the enemy team at their barrier, by the time i'm there, barriers are burned down and I get heals while i go berzerk with my hammer, once barriers melt, i shatter. it's pretty good

  9. Christopher says:

    Ya got a haircut!! Lookin like a boss too!
    Its so STRANGE to see the person behind the cheesy commercials.
    I mean that in a good way. Second reel is your money maker.

  10. Sammy Clasen says:

    The thing with rein for me is landing shatter, it’s a lot more difficult to land against sigma+orisa or sigma+rein.
    Or maybe I’m just bad, idk

  11. Excavy says:

    So the reason why Reinhardt is definitely not a counter to Orisa/Sigma is because you have to:

    1. Be close to do damage
    2. Lower your defenses to do damage

    When you have Accretion, Doomfist punch, Orisa halt, Reaper shotguns and Lucio boop all together in one comp, it's near impossible to get close. If we had 3 healers still supporting Reinhardt like back in Goats meta, then maybe. But in 2-2-2 meta Reinhardt fairs much worse than Sigma and Sigma synergize extremely well with Orisa. That's not being narrow minded it's the truth.

    With all that being said, sure feel free to lock Reinhardt in your Platinum, Diamond and Masters games, but don't expect to be anywhere besides Platinum, Diamond, and Masters. You can not rank up with Reinhardt in the current meta, sorry to say.

  12. Ball is amazing as long as the enemy doesn't have a Mei or Sym. I think the true unsung hero is Winton. Any time there is high ground, Winston dunks on the bunker. You zap all 6 players, kill their supports for free, and build ult in 30 seconds.

  13. that enemy sigma in the havana gameplay is fucking sick, saved his teams asses so many times
    can rein get a new kind of shield technology or something? something that prevents stuff going through it like moira orb or doomfist punch?

  14. They need to fix this new meta cause sym is to strong in 2v2 she needs a bigger nerf, taken out of comp or a new rework

  15. I play a lot of Sigma and, honestly, there is so much that counters him and it is super frustrating to go against a good Rein. I do what I can to stay out of hammer swinging distance because if I get stuck there then I die in a 1v1 against Rein. I have found flanking as Sigma helps get around his shield especially on high ground but I definitely don't feel Sigma is OP simply because so much counters him

  16. RV AWU says:

    Rein going to charge inside your house

  17. Reinhardt isn't the answer, all the Orisa composition has to do is take Mei and he's going to feed into Ice Wall and M1. Orisa/Sigma is "broken" because it never has to compromise itself to do damage, where Reinhardt or even Reinhardt and Winston stacking WM1 just gets abused by the DPS – even a Doomfist or Reaper will body you. Crazier stuff like an attack Bastion and forcing the defense to come out and deal with it is probably more effective in the short run.

  18. LolerioNark says:

    Idk if you mention this in the vid since I’m only 4 mins in, but Orisa is also a really good charge target, specifically when she’s isolated (so if she’s out of place, or you’re just cleaning up.) When she shoots, she slows down. A lot. Bring your shield up and walk towards her. Let her decide to try and eat your shield, because she probably thinks that you’re trying to walk through her barrier and just kill her with your melee, and in that situation her best option would be to shoot your barrier until she can kill you. When you’re close enough, and she isn’t gonna be low on ammo and reload soon, charge her.
    It’ll catch her off guard, and she likely won’t react fast enough to stop shooting and move out of the way.

  19. You should team up with yongyea for gamesentry. He's like a watchdog for shady microtransactions

  20. rustypudding says:

    I mained rein like 5 seasons ago but stopped playing because he kind of got boring, but literally 3 days ago I picked him up on attack in few games and just absolutely steamed rolled the enemy team, the enemy Orisa looked like a lost puppy when I walked through her shield swinging away.

  21. Let hog hook through barriers. This will solve a lot

  22. You should share your site with Bellular, Jim Sterling, and the other YTrs that call the gaming industry out on the regular.

  23. Am I the only gold tank player that always never plays meta, but tries variety.
    I played as Winston with a Reinhardt on offense, we won.
    I played as Roadhog with a D.V.A. on defense, we won.
    I play PS4, by the way.

  24. link123 says:

    Actually was making fun of tryhard because he was thinking Rinehart is a troll pick when he gets killed by him

  25. nethstar says:

    Only commenting to say i'm looking forward to GameSentry being a proper "thing" that gets talked about all the time. Looks like a perfect project to be working on in this climate.

  26. M M says:

    The 10 second counter. Nanoboosted damage boosted bangodrummed bastion after an emp from sombra while zarya and hanzo combo. 6 ults to the win.

  27. Andrew Stone says:

    Doomfist is OP, and needs a rework regardless of that fact, because his kit, and any super CC heavy hero, is making people quit the game. After more thought, I don't think they should nerf his cooldowns, because then he will just be unusable. Instead they need to nerf both the damage of his abilites(Slam max 100, Uppercut 30, and Rocket Punch 75/125) AND the amount of shields he gains(I'd say 25, but maybe just revert to 30 per target hit is enough.) His ultimate can then likely be made stronger. He would still play the same, but be less tanky and require an extra shot or two to kill most heroes.

  28. EvilToaster isn't on to something special or new. Rein has always been a strong answer to Orisa. Rein's strength vs Orisa became weaker though after a buff to Orisa when her movement speed went from 50% decrease to 30% decrease while shooting. This specifically made the Rein vs Orisa matchup worse for Rein (this was when they were trying to overbuff bunker to counter goats too) while giving some quality of life to Orisa. I doubt anyone forgot Rein is good vs Orisa, but they nerfed the matchup which makes people want to play it less.

  29. Lucas Pinto says:

    I really like Winston and Hammond. Booping people off shields and zapping through shields

  30. Ivar L says:

    dude, the website is so well made

  31. It seems like we haven't truly settled on a meta yet

  32. Finally! Geez, I guess I can win the Rein is seriously good argument when in ques! Lol! Overwatch Central said so!

  33. David Miller says:

    I feel like Firestrike + Baptiste ult is a potential pro meta combo to 1-shot targets through shields. Need a lot of coordination to get the Bap ult up right as the firestrike is launching, and good Rein aim, but the potential to insta-win fights through shields is so valuable I wouldn't be surprised if it started happening. I suppose it could only 1-shot supports since Reaper Mei is meta and both can go invulnerable instantly even if they DO get hit… Maybe add Mercy-boost so it 1-shots them too (I think Orisa ult is too slow to start up to work for this purpose, and that would be throwing another ult into a combo with an uncertain payoff).

  34. SkYllE says:

    hey Overwatch Central can you make a video about the plague of cheaters in the game of Overwatch ? and why blizzard is doing nothing to stop that even with 7 reports

  35. At high ranks with teamwork, sure, maybe Rein is viable. For most of the rest of us, Symmetra and Mei are so dominant and so good against Rein (when played correctly) that Rein is definitely not the best tank pick. A well placed wall to isolate the Rein or a constant beam on his shield makes him not exist.

    Similar problem with Hammond. I'm a Hammond main but when every game has some combination of Sym, Mei, and/or Reaper, most of the time I just end up feeding. So I'm forced to play other tanks.

  36. ZenRyoku says:

    how about just let Rein use his shield WITH his barrier guantlet… that would open up a whole new play style for him AND the whole team… 💯

  37. Cas plays says:

    Rein and winston are awesome when 2-2-2 came out was my experience. Those two are my fav tanks so im happy. They ignore everything and just free dmg/ult charges. Tried them asap the new patch came out and just tend to wreck havoc.

    Main tank player here. One thing i would like though is a winston bubble buff from 600-800, but might end up make the barrier meta worse. We dont want that i think

  38. burlyd says:

    Site looks cool man I'll check it out.

  39. Flowwolf says:

    GameSentry will be such a good tool

  40. doomfist needs some sort of nerf 1 hit kills that take no skill dont need to exist

  41. Look. If they have 2 barrier, run a reinhart and a lucio and wreak face. Idk if this is the video topic but that's what me and my support friends do

  42. Ian Corral says:

    With Doom being where he is Rein is not a good pick. I thought the same as these guys did but in practice it doesn't work. Once you drop the shield to swing you die

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