Overwatch | The New 'Beautiful' Support Meta – ML7 on Baptiste, Ana and Zenyatta NERFS!

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Today we’re talking with the Ana god himself ml7 about the new hero, the zenyatta nerfs and why he thinks this new support meta is ‘beautiful’!
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41 Responses

  1. Melliey says:

    Support comp because support mains are all thats left playing this game haha

  2. Just gotta put this out there, thanks for getting this interview. I love getting thoughts of higher players so I can get a thought of where the game could go

  3. Stephy Boo says:

    Would be nice if baptiste players actually healed?ones I've played with?

  4. Dom Graham says:

    As a support main I've had a semi since the last patch went live

  5. FERAL GAMING says:

    You mean the combos only one percent of people that play experience. No matter how much you learn you have to play vast lying different due to people not playing as a team. I have to use Moria as a dps because everyone that picks dps cant aim for shit so I make up for there loss of accuracy.

  6. FERAL GAMING says:

    No one climbs out of low ranks do to only there skill it is solely based on if your team is a bunch of people playing with there feet or actually playing together.

  7. FERAL GAMING says:

    The shit part is that he will never play in the fucked up ranks with new characters. They will always play with the players who are in chat and who actually want to learn the game instead of all the fuck tards in gold and below not wanting to learn shit and think dps is the only way to go.

  8. FERAL GAMING says:

    I wonder where are the overwatch severs located and where are these top 500 players located compared to those servers. Closer to server with a good internet and direct connect equals less packet loss as well as faster response and if I were the devs I would make sure they have less lag because they make blizzard money

  9. Goats is still meta u heard it here first

  10. Baptiste is amazing, i never flexed until now. Always wanted a hitscan who could crit on support

  11. JF says:

    who's Moxi? hehehe

  12. Will Wunsche says:

    I'm the second kind, play every single hero in the game but mediocre in Plat. I'm the real rare kind of genuine flex player. I understand I am limiting how far I can go, but this is how the game is most fun for me when I am not limited by my hero pool and it gives me an advantage in understanding interactions, what the other player is thinking for reads.

    I started in low silver/bronze and climbed extremely slow. Now after 435 hours over 3 years it's finally starting to pay off, I'm climbing and getting better faster and faster over than I ever have before. 😀

    Wouldn't recommend this path to most other people, although being a flex player is cool.

  13. LMAO his accent is hilarious. Love it

  14. FreakyOne says:

    I have an idea for a counter goats team comp: Orisa, Hog, Hammond, Junkrat, Mercy, Baptiste. What do you think about it?

  15. DillyHD_ says:

    New meta sounds like gold lmao

  16. That Boy says:

    Whats the point playing ana when baptiste can ana everyone

  17. Who else was focusing on the gameplay only

  18. rei suzuya says:

    Hey guys. I have a problem. I cant seem to find a hero to main .
    I can play every class of heros. To be exact,i can play d.va,zarya,ashe,sym,tracer,sombra and all supports but zen and ana.
    The thing is that i always want to win even if i dont feel like playing the character that i have to play. But when you play so many characters, you cant get really good with them in a short time.
    Flexing is good but not beetween so many characters.
    So i decided to play someone who is more meta. But i dont know who 🙁
    My aim is decent-ish and i have a fairly good gamesense.
    What should i do?

  19. Michael G says:

    Baptiste's immortality field with line of sight is going to break the game.

  20. Matthew Vido says:

    Love how this channel tries to ''create'' new meta

  21. We should rename this new meta. Meet better goats I call BOATS.

  22. Blitz Swan says:

    “Anaver” it’s another

  23. Double sniper? Umm… I think I will see – Widow, Hanzo, Ashe and Ana on my team. And nobody would hit their targets except Ana. Quadrant snipe meta coming up.

  24. wreaka says:

    took me so long to figure out he was saying mercy instead of moxy/mugsy lol

  25. Maximum997 says:

    There will be another 6 heroes mirror meta.

  26. Kind of irritating how is accent turns all r's into g's.

  27. sic e Bae says:

    The next meta will be quad suport dual tank OR triple/quad sniper.

  28. Can someone explain to me wat mugcy means???

  29. Ubertrain says:

    Took me way to long to figure out who this Moxy person was he kept talking about

  30. Shi Jason says:

    It is possible to be good at every hero but never possible to be perfect at every hero because I manage to one trick every tank and support to GM but not all to t500 also some of the dps like torb and sym I can’t even one trick to gm so through those game played I find mercy to be easier to rank up in terms of the amount effort as mercy you just have to find the carry of the team and just pocket the carry all the way and go for kills when using ult most likely you will be diamond or above even after those nerf

  31. World Medic says:

    Immortality field is going to be the new transcendence

  32. I think my OW is broken, I can't find this Mugsy hero he keeps mentioning.

  33. smartxalex says:

    6 supports is goats confirmed.

  34. oh jheez says:

    This is what everyone says when a new patch comes out…

  35. i like how they always switch the things that aren't really the problem while trying to fix some shit that they created. like instead of nerfing mercy from the start they bring brig to counter the dive and then when brig fucks everything up with the goats comp instead of nerfing or preferably removing the most retarded character that was ever introduced in ow together with moira they fuck the tanks, as if tanks didn't have a shit time already with the million cc the game has right now with all the retarded heroes that have been added. overwatch has becomea shit show and i thing now it has reached the point of no return, i can't see a way for the game to become normal anymore and this is not including the toxic players, the smurfs and the leavers. blizzard had a good run over the years but now they are fucking all of their games up, i hope they just die as a company together with activision and new companies come up that really care about the players and have a vision and passion for what they are making

  36. Da Joey Fan says:

    I watch ml7 for his cat

  37. human says:

    so you mean zenyatta hitbox needs to be fixed

  38. Take a shot everytime he says "for instance" 😀

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