Overwatch Tips and Tricks: 5 OVERPOWERED Combos that win EVERY teamfight

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Footage Courtesy: OGN/CJ E&M, ESL/Turtle Entertainment GmbH, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Special Courtesy to Pangy for play #3 via reddit.com

Aiming to get Play of the Game? We’ve got you covered.

Timing and communication make all the difference but if you know which heroes can team up for game-changing Wombo Combos, your Play of the Game dreams can come true!

Take notes from the pros and fellow Overwatch community members — here are five proven OP combos for you to learn.

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  1. MMAyakuza says:

    Nice vid :D. A couple of other ones are Ana and Genji "nano-blade" and Rein's hammer down into Dva bomb.

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