Overwatch – Top 16 Workshop Games

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Overwatch Golf, Wack-a-mole, Starfighter, Ghost Hunters and much more! ?️‍♂️?️‍♂️
Top Overwatch Memes of All-Time 2 –
Top Overwatch Memes of All-Time 1 –
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A few of the game modes have more information you can check…

overwatch update

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50 Responses

  1. ohnickel says:

    Which workshop games do you like?

    Top Overwatch Memes of All-Time 2 – https://youtu.be/BQA910WnzHY
    Top Overwatch Memes of All-Time 1 – https://youtu.be/xAvc65WSZr8

  2. Kuuppon says:

    Please display the game codes so we can find them otherwise it's a bit pointless to show us the game modes if we cannot find the actual code. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  3. Excited to see how this plays out on console

  4. Frosty ninja says:

    the workshop is suck a good idea for overwatch! I love it!

  5. 1:29 Check the kill feed…

  6. polite spoon says:

    and u have ps4 and can’t play these??

  7. Tin Can says:

    give the code retard

  8. gu zhan says:

    i want tower defense!!!!!!!!!end of story!

  9. AimB YT says:

    Where’s 12 vs 12 :/

  10. 5Head says:

    After this we just need custom map creator

  11. Quinn Allred says:

    Maybe you can do me a favor and give us the fucking codes m8

  12. MFG says:

    Wait what there's a workshop? I gotta check this out

  13. Drawbak says:

    hamond golf code?

  14. These are all busted and it’s not going to save OW

  15. Henry says:

    So where is the game codes?

  16. Undermations says:

    Nateson was in the beware the hook game too

  17. Undermations says:

    Bro nateson was in whack a mole

  18. perfpet says:

    Wow, I love this, this opens a whole new universe of options, and is crucial for Overwatch I think.

  19. OMG your "kitsune" account, I played with you!!!!

  20. Peanutbutter says:

    Try out play who you kill. It's pretty simple – FFA deathmatch but when you kill someone you become their hero.

    Here is the code if you can't find any games running:

    (edit) I know it is very similar to number 16

  21. Olopaxx says:

    Rocket league music?

  22. Isuka Fiunia says:

    could u get the codes to this games would be awesome

  23. 5he infection one is faction rally

  24. Linus Hykes says:

    On beware the hook he was playing with Nateson

  25. Put the FUCKING codes! Or links!

  26. When is workshop coming live

  27. where r the codes!!!!!!!! :c , btw good video but i wanna try them :c can u share the codes too?

  28. lul you were in natesons game of whack a mole. he uploaded a workshop vid a week ago with you in it kitsune

  29. Bobbo says:

    01:28 Nateson killed Torbjörn
    14:05 Nateson joined the game

  30. Waa_ Luigi says:

    Does he provide the codes?

  31. TheFear818 x says:

    I wonder if someone would make a murder mystery

  32. MARIO kart double dash and super hot? That’s what some of them are

  33. Arjun Bedi says:

    why is it so laggy?

  34. CyberJeeb says:

    Didnt think i would hear a monstercat classic. Grant bowtie- reach in 2019

  35. Benjo says:

    We need a quality TTT mode

  36. - Ataraxy - says:

    blizzard map editor plssss <3

  37. Hailey C. says:

    When will workshop come out on Console?

  38. Boot says:

    Why 16? Also Ive been here since the lego OW video

  39. I was thinking about wrecking ball PINBALL, eliminating all opponents and be the last standing by only hooking on to a surface with wrecking ball and throwing yourself

  40. Waiting for this on Xbox :C

  41. This will proooobably be likely to go live for all platforms at the anniversary…its big enough optional fun content for that kind of milestone.

  42. Ifind the ghost hunter game very interesting because it reminds me of a game i played on the wii u it had the same mechanics kinda

  43. AgentParsec says:

    Not a game mode, but a hero concept that I made: "Jeff from the Overwatch Team". Jeff Kaplan joins Overwatch, bringing with him his mighty Dev Hammer! (Replaces Reinhardt)


    Jeff’s Abilities:

    * “Nerfhammer” (E) – Charges up Jeff’s hammer for 5 seconds, and the next enemy he strikes is nerfed, losing all abilities for 6 seconds. (Cooldown listed as “Stabilizing”)
    * “Buffhammer” (Shift) – An ally that Jeff is looking at is given a 50% boost to speed, damage, and healing output that lasts for 5 seconds, after which the change is rolled back. (Cooldown listed as “Optimizing”)
    * “My People Need Me” (Right click) – Hold for up to 2 seconds to cause Jeff to rise up gracefully into the air. (Cooldown listed as “Go Up”)
    * Ultimate Ability: “Banhammer” – Jeff strikes the ground with his hammer, causing all enemies caught by the shockwave to be returned to their spawn room.

    Jeff has 400 health, and since he lacks Reinhardt’s shield, charge, and fire strike, he’s probably not quite a “tank” class anymore, but more like a non-healing support. Overall, this is mostly meant as a humorous hero prototype, but I thought I’d try to make it a little more balanced anyway.

  44. Gabe Films says:

    I got an idea to play as the enemies in p.v.e: different “hero time” displays, divided into categories divided into sub categories, such as game type (arcade, quick play), game mode (payload, hybrid), map (kings row, numbani) and other things, but if you are outside of a specific map, game mode, or game type, ban. It stops hackers, as well as let players play as the enemy.

  45. Feuer Derg says:

    Oh boi can’t wait for Thanos Torb

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