Overwatch | Top 5 Popular Heroes (Revisited)

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Which are the most popular heroes in Overwatch? Watch this video to find out! Mysca and Ryan revisit the top 5 popular heroes in the game, this time from a gameplay perspective.

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30 Responses

  1. Make genji into number one god dammit

  2. Torb 1 Trick says:

    I thought mccree would be number 1 lol.. and reaper didn’t even get mentioned that’s weird

  3. Diddlz says:

    My Most Played

  4. Blue BOOM says:

    Genji looks really cool but i'm better with D.va

  5. Ali Muhsen says:

    My top 5
    5soilder 76

  6. Youn8 says:

    Why is reaper in the thumbnail if he is not in the top 5?

  7. Junn says:

    It's obvious the most popular heroes are genji Hanzo mccree genji and genji

  8. FMJ Venom says:

    Soldier 76 is the most played character in the world. Statistics even show it

  9. Jake Fox says:

    Now all it is is… Orisa Orisa Orisa Orisa Orisa Orisa Orisa Orisa Orisa.

  10. mirza RNT says:

    Hanzo is the most satisfying hero

  11. Darren King says:

    What I think Genji Genji Genji Genji Genji Genji Genji Genji Genji Genji

  12. Reaper says:


  13. Nolan _288 says:

    My top 3 are

    1. Lucio
    2. Hanzo
    3. Widowmaker

  14. I think ur wrong about junkrat m8. I hardly see any of him. That's why I often play as him coz the team has no defence heroes

  15. From my experience Mei and D.va are now the most played characters blowing Tracer out of the water which surprises me cause she's suppose to be the mascot!

  16. Dragacron says:

    "last year"? it came out 7 months ago lmao

  17. Magstok says:

    What about Reaper?

  18. Ian McCoy says:

    I'm sad no one shows love for support heroes

  19. Colox says:

    1. Genji
    2. Roadhog
    3. Zenyatta
    4. Pharah
    5. Hanzo

  20. Tek Tek says:

    Aww man, I was hoping Genji wouldn't be high on the list. I personally like maining unpopular heros or classes in games.

  21. WHERE IS REAPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THE BEST HERO ??????????? ? ????????????????????? ?? ????????? ??????????????????? dislike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. A Squid says:

    Rapper, track, woman solly, garbage mouse, m.lg, ride hard, Japanese robot, Japanese man, bald robot, medic, dj black man, and more.

  23. I still don't understand why people like tracer so much. People say she is a skill heavy character, but her high mobility and difficult nature to hit suggests anything but. She can be played by complete noobs fairly well(so well that my first game with her I went 20-5). But I found her character and dialogue lack luster. Sure this blink feature is fun…but without a campaign I feel like a lot the things that made tracer enjoyable in the trailers is lost, and I would rather play as a genji, who does have a high skill level, but also adds a fun challenge and unique style as opposed to shoot em up if not dead…but and run.

    So I guess what I am saying is Blizzard, I paid 60 dollars for this game…you either make a free web series for us to watch, or you better have a free campaign and dlc in the mix with all you have gotten from this game and microtransactions. I know you have the money to do it(P.S. Still love you guys and this game but please don't make us pay for more characters for a 60 game with only multiplayer, if they are in the mix of course).

  24. DJFlare84 says:

    People who weren't on this list but really should've been.

    3. McCree.
    2. Reaper.

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