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Whenever there is a new meta emerging in Overwatch, no matter how good it is, will always receive hate. Today we rank what are considered to be the worst metas in Overwatch!

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45 Responses

  1. Terrerrr I says:

    Would you rather be in the
    Op bastion times or the
    Op mercy times or the
    Op brig times
    Comment which below

  2. Terrerrr I says:

    Don't hanzo or widow counter sombra ?

  3. God I miss GOATS, so much fun doing teamwork taht fine. BRING BACK GOATS!

  4. Tom Such says:


  5. kandy xono says:

    No one: nothing
    Bro you wack: i main the devil.

  6. Eddie Hart says:

    No roadhog one shot hook I’m surprised

  7. Ethan Way says:

    Where was hanzo and zarya meta? They nerfed hanzo and zarya so you couldn't do there combo thank god, but still where is it?

  8. Lackadee says:

    Don't worry bro, I always pick top 5 workshop modes for you.

    One day.

  9. Rae-Senpai says:

    Only ogs remember when bastion HAD HIS OWN SHIELD

  10. I swear if dives not on the list

  11. Cass says:

    Guys one week when he seems super excited about something that isn’t the workshop, vote for the workshop lmao

  12. GW100Gs says:

    Um what about the olden days of overwatch where you would have 6 Winston’s contesting point

  13. Not_n0 - says:

    Can u make top 5 worst voice lines to hear

  14. Jason097 says:

    Dive meta = best meta. Change my mind.

  15. CoolDude3074 says:

    As a mercy main who stopped playing just before the moth meta came out, it's one of the worst metas for me because it resulted in her healing getting nerfed which was so unnecessary.

  16. Luke Brunker says:

    In the early stages beyblade (ana, reaper) made me cry

  17. I’d still love insta Rez back though hehe 😊

  18. The worst meta is 2-2-2

  19. noah lewis says:

    Sombra is my main 🙂

  20. Diamon Shade says:

    Dive has evaded this list

  21. Diamon Shade says:

    Let's meyblade, meyblade let rip

  22. Peter Lavis says:

    Dive and im a winston main

  23. Number 2: Zarya Hanzo meta, i fucking hated that meta

  24. Jack Shaffer says:

    Tbh I never saw goats in my ladder games and I play at the 3900 range. When I did see
    It, it was usually very poorly done. The Moth Meta should’ve been number one in my opinion.

  25. O Chuko says:

    I liked to play GOATS, but watching it sucked.

    In GOATS everyone has to be linked you know, makes you feel part of a team, I liked it

  26. nyah lou says:

    As a sombra main i hated no 4 cuz i could never play her 😭😭😭 also im glad that role que is here

  27. ImaginaryMdA says:

    FYI: META is not an acronym for Most Effective Tactic Available.

  28. nyah lou says:

    No 1 is goats. Fite me bitches.

  29. Just Lurking says:

    Mercy meta wasn't that bad compared to everything else, at least for me. It wasn't great, but it did allow teams to play a lot more hero's compared to all the other metas.

  30. How to trigger 250k people in 11 minutes

  31. I’m surprised the McCree meta didn’t get an honourable mention

  32. Bro, moth meta is named after the player for Shock, Moth

  33. Katie says:

    do top 5 best rare skins for heroes (like heroes who have the best recolor skins)

  34. My profile picture is gay

  35. Yesterday in comp me and the bois ran beyblade (I was reaper) and so did the enemy team so it was like a full on beyblade duel

  36. BOOP says:

    How do you res so fast not moth meta?

  37. _Moona_ says:

    bro 3 worst metas r ma mains xddd lmao

  38. ERS Miku says:

    Thank you for making this video I needed this and thank you for not switching to fortnite!❤

  39. Milky Ninja says:

    What about the Stun meta?

  40. Lucas Karl says:

    What about the brig meta or CC meta

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