Overwatch World Cup Desk is marketable

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reinforce in season 2 pls.



overwatch update

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27 Responses

  1. and people called me a fool for saying team UK was gonna beat USA.

  2. Gibby says:

    We need XQC is marketable part 2

  3. Android says:


  4. Dakan Misty says:

    The casting team casted the event like mates having a fuckin goof about and its brilliant to watch 😂😂

  5. Seth Hammen says:

    Whoever decided not to resign Reinforce obviously doesn't grasp one of the most basic rules of comedy: You need a straight to balance out the humor. Juxtaposition is important!

  6. lmao says:

    They fired reinforce…how retarded can blizzard be. Making a competetive game while focusing it for new bad player introducing brig, doomfist and moira and then frustrating the actual OW community. Their matchmaking is rlly terrible. Now they banned XQC who is the big reason OW is alive. I dont Get how retarded they can be

  7. Jam Port says:

    General tip: never name the prime minister of Australia because it’s probably changed

  8. wow717 says:

    Best world cup ever!!

  9. should've called it luci-ohs not lucio-ohs, it has a better sound

  10. Chvncey says:

    Letting Reinforce go was an awful move. He brought the analytical side to the desk. Now it's only going to be banter and that's going to get boring very quick.

  11. Guys maybe if we all cry loud enough especially the younger of us here, they will bring back Reinforce.

  12. Greyzz says:

    When Bren ripped his USA jersey to reveal a USA jersey
    Yeah see, i pulled a sneaky on ya

  13. Marco Lapel says:

    desk in owwc 2018 was borderline cringy

  14. “I don’t know what to do with my hands”
    Reinforce knows what’s up

  15. he was fires from owl because other guys on desk looked stupid cause of him, cause they are gold-plat-diamond noobs, thats all. easier to fire one

  16. Marcus Solan says:

    You can visibly see reinforce just getting more frustrated at the desk because he wanted to pay more attention to the teams, I feel so sorry for him, and he doesn't even get to come back for OWL S2 :/

  17. Nox Caelo says:

    4:56 God the feels, RIP Reinforce.

  18. Usercode 512 says:

    To be honest, I'm seriously worried for the desk when Reinforce gets dropped completely. He was rarely as directly funny as many of the other casters, but what he did provide was an excellent straightman-esque character who really understood the pro scene itself. He was an excellent partner to all of the other casters, and he was the only person on the desk who truly understood the small details in pro play. I really hope that he's able to return, or else the caster's desk might as a whole be far less entertaining. Even so, good luck with whatever you are doing next Reinforce. We're rooting for you!

  19. Those 4 should be the permenant hosts of the OWL. Shame that Reinforce didn't get signed again

  20. Fav OW desk ever. It reminds me of those LoL desks with Monte and such

  21. Why is everyone in the comments acting like Reinforce getting fired is news to you? Lmao

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