Overwatch Writer Calls Marvel's Editor-In-Chief a R@cist, Proceeds to Get Hired

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43 Responses

  1. Overwatch has black characters, right? Literary blackface by this neonazi asian girl.

  2. You know he wanted that sour-sweet yellow coochie boi

  3. Boxes World says:

    I'm surprised this game got game of the year for 2016. It died in less than a year with only lonely salty boys playing the game as it only still exists with the game itself becoming a genre of porn for Blender and SFM animators to produce countlessly.

  4. Boxes World says:

    I'm having trouble accepting that this game has writers. Other than calling sexual orientation a plot and sexualizing characters in this game, what "plot" does this game have? It solely exists for the amount of porn SFM and Blender animators have developed since it's existence.

  5. John Doe says:

    Overwatch? What a joke of a game. Imagine being so retarded that you get offended over some dude using a different name

  6. DHR 2 says:

    But she was wrong for what she said about stan lee tho

  7. frank rizzo says:

    The agenda must be furthered

  8. Dante Cicero says:

    Mixed blood uses non-european side of ancestry for moral high ground. White privilege indeed.

  9. Fucking ching chang going berserk.

  10. Bossanova says:

    I doubt C.B even knew about those tweets, which is more sad

  11. OG Floatzel says:

    Alyssa: "I want to destroy Stan Lee's legacy."
    Disney: "So do we!"

  12. Hi, I'm Mach says:

    "Alyssa" lives in Irvine Cali, yet she's complaining that using an "Asian" pseudonym is racist… Who the fuck does she think she is???

  13. Katsuki says:

    But Overwatch is racial stereotypes the game. So pot calling the kettle black huh?

  14. The more loyal dogmatic and ideologically pure you are

  15. Barr says:

    Why everyone so mad? Let it go and worry about some important shit in your lives ?

  16. in which fuck'n world exactly does Asians face discrimination? for fuck's sake they're thought of as gods by some.

  17. Oh my god. I'm so tired of this constant white hate.

  18. FarCredZ says:

    Why is that racist


  19. This Alyssa Wong is a disgrace to Filipinos.

  20. This is the woman that shat on Stan Lee's death and vowed to destroy his legacy of she ever got hired in Marvel. Tsk and Cebulski gave her the chance.

  21. Q says:

    To be honnest i dont get what's wrong with stereotypes, same as blizzard with overwatch characters, until a white man do it of course…blizzard is full of mentally ill people.

    Really i think stereotypes are mostly fun and harmless, nobody find a french guy with a baguette and a beret offensive, even if a chinese dressed like that, those double standards expose the real racists!

  22. She said there were too many white males in comics.
    Are there too many Asians in manga??

  23. I think it’s becoming quite clear that the only race that receives constant streams racist abuse are whites.. As evident by this racist Asian women who goes straight to his race to attack and attack.. Then plays victim.. Sorry Asians don’t get to play victim when they have racist attitudes towards others themselves.. China has a ban on blacks on their planes and also advices their people to stay away from areas with blacks in larger number… Asians literally fight with one another over race constantly.. Japan vs China anyone?.. It’s almost like the racist Asian cunt is trying to pretend that her peoples past and present abuse doesn’t exist and she can pretend to be a victim to attack others racially.. Utterly disgusting..

    We are getting to a stage when I wouldn’t fault people going out and doing serious bodily harm to these people.. They need to learn a valuable lesson.. Shit where I’m sleeping and I’m going to make you eat it then I’m going to cut your throat.. ? Asian cunt.. I’ll feel no sympathy when you ‘fall’ down the stairs and break your legs.

  24. Yellowface lol never heard of that 1

  25. Samtho says:

    You got to be careful. Overwatch will soon become Fortnite just for that reason

  26. 'Overwatch writer'? There's writing? I love Overwatch.. but what writing??

  27. ChameleonBro says:

    Guess Overwatch devs are as toxic as their fans when they see another FPS existing so they have to accuse it of being a rip off to feel good about themselves. Pathetic.

  28. Does this mean that all the Asians that move to a English speaking country and give themselves white names are racist?

  29. "Asian Diaspora"? Uh, the Asian homeland is still there. The majority of Asians are still there too. Most of the Asians living elsewhere throughout the world moved or were descended from people that moved of their own volition, usually for economic purposes. (There were also that were moved forcibly, that is true). That doesn't sound much like a diaspora.

  30. Rujo says:

    How is she part of the entertainment industry and not know people use stage names?

  31. I called a rock racist. Does that mean I can get hired by Marvel?

  32. Getting alot of incel vibes from this comment section lmao.

  33. Errr it's not like she got hired because she's Asian, she already had an extensive background in writing, so it doesn't seem off that she would be hired, feel like this one is just a video to stay relevant.

  34. Nobu Wraith says:

    I can’t wait til some sjw accuses some high profile man of rape only to have it blow back in their face cuz he was actually gay.

  35. Twitter is such a tumor

  36. Aww the classical class warfare nonsense!

  37. Monty2289 says:

    This here is precisely why Comicsgate should not end. If you care about good comics and comics of diversity – diversity in that ANYONE can make them and promote them without fear of being goalie'd by people like Alyssa Wong (just for writing under an Asian pseudonym) then support comics gate.

  38. is the tweet of her saying she's gonna destroy Stan Lee's legacy real?

  39. studybeats says:

    Yes get all the SJW writers out of my favorite game

  40. Luke Passos says:

    twitter blue checkmark? Why am i not surprised

  41. White privlage hmmmmm even though the average Asian family has almost double the amount of household income than all other races

  42. Kairijo says:

    It's always the Chinese or Korean girls that make Asians look bad.

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