Overwatch Yugioh Archetype Vs Millennium (Custom Yugioh Card Duels)

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21 Responses

  1. I wanna see a paladins deck i love the game sha lin underrated is something i found out today

  2. NightstarST says:

    Needs to be a Dragon Ball, Pokémon, Vanguard deck lol

  3. Ok i need to try this badly i have some custom deck ideas lol

  4. Thats crazy i had the same idea about them being gemini and then when you summon them they get their ult, i was thinking it when hanzo came up, his ult could be once, destroy opponents cards in same coloumn
    Edit: i thought about equip spells (like how heros have specific ones) and to help fix if u draw u can reshuffle n draw a card but sounds like just to much

  5. Hey AznEyes i'm in the middle of making mt own custom deck. Once I've finished could I be in a vid like this?

  6. Nebula says:

    Hahahahaha, I made my own deck called CLOCKWORK their and archetype of monsters that react if they were sent to the GY (lol) by other CLOCKWORK or MECHANIC card.
    Examples of this is.
    ClockWork Golem. EARTH
    When this card is normal or special summoned, send 1 "ClockWork" monster from your deck to the GY.
    If this card is send to the GY, by the effect of a "ClockWork" or "Mechanic" card, you can special summon of ClockWork monster from your deck, but destroy it during the End of the turn. You can only activate each effect of ClockWork Golem once per turn.
    1800 ATK/200 DEF.

    The MECHANIC cards are the archetypes spell and traps. all of the MECHANICs either have it in the name or specifically are treated as one.

    Mechanical Grand Clock.
    When this card is activated, send the top 3 cards of your deck to the GY, then you add 1 "Mechanic" card, except for Mechanical Grand clock.

    If a monster(s) you control would be destroyed, place 1 "ClockOut" counter on that card instead, if you do destroy that card. Each monster you control can only have 1 "ClockOut"counter on it.

    And finally.

    (Always treated as a "Mechanic" card)

    You can activate this card hand, if you have more than 10 or more "ClockWork" cards in your GY. If you do banish this card instead of sending it to the GY.

    Shuffle 10 cards including at least 5 "ClockWork" or "Mechanic" from your GY into your deck, if you do, all damage you take this turn is doubled.

    You can only activate this effect once per turn.

    So thats my deck.

  7. I might have to this Overwatch deck but more balanced and fair. He missed some crazy things with this.

  8. the overwatch cards could charge their ultimate effects by having to kill other minion or just cards. then it keeps to the flavor and supports balanced design

  9. Niklas Raab says:

    Why is it OV not OW? As far as i know "watch" is not written with a V

  10. Hey Azneyes would you want to face a deck based from another card game

  11. snipecat05 says:

    still isnt as strong as underground archetype 😛

  12. Nobody says:

    Genji tier -4 confirmed.

  13. Low Rated Custom Duelists #1

  14. ProxymanDerk says:

    That's it, i'm making a Dishonored themed archetype

  15. VectorCross says:

    Is the card on the left of your thumbnail the female anubis character from lost saga?

  16. the best says:

    no one make tik tok references plz

  17. Lazer Rei says:

    OV link monsters should be their ultimates

  18. Walter Shoup says:

    I don't play dueling book much but i would like to know how do people make the cards? Also can you share the decks/ cards you made with others if so I'll totally play dueling book again been busy with getting ready for regionals.

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