Playing on the WORST Reviewed device for fortnite mobile… (1 STAR)

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WORST Review device for Fortnite Mobile (finally brought back my old iphone for a video)

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26 Responses

  1. GrantTheGoat says:

    I mean, a free cookie is a free cookie?

  2. I play on an iPhone 6s and am very underrated and very good pls go check me out

  3. Nintendo:LEVEL 15 Mobile: LEVEL 12 Console: LEVEL 67 Pc: LEVEL 98 Ninja:LEVEL 234 Tfue:873 GrantheGoat:10000 GrantTheGoat on iphone:LEVEL 3

  4. Ashot says:

    I got a cookie wtf how

  5. Chuubs says:

    I play on s7 and for me I get less frames
    OG remember you since 3k

  6. EKuality TM says:

    GrantTheGoat, I have a good video idea Console player VS mobile player. If u join me I can. Thirst all those mobile player. Funny af. Epic is: 10xC_Hamedi

  7. does the cookie come with prime?

  8. ZanyVic says:

    My phone is so bad i can't even get fornite on it

  9. Your so stupid not even a good video your not even funny jesus

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