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Let’s talk about the future legendary raids coming this summer in Pokemon GO! Regice, Registeel, Regirock and Deoxys raids in Pokemon GO!
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46 Responses

  1. Poké AK says:

    Correction! Latios and Latias will be gone June 8th not May 5th. ?

  2. *Good I get boar by Catching Moltres and Today The Ultimate Legendary Mew

  3. Chris Wb says:

    Even if they released Deoxys in regular raids, there are 4 forms of it (defense, attack, stamina and speed) which one would you get? how would they incorporate all forms in the game?

  4. StanceMedia says:

    Lanturn would be good for regirock if it has ⚡️type move

  5. kevin spikes says:

    It looks like I won't be doing any registeel raids lol

  6. Scott Short says:

    Got my 6 man 40 machamp team done this week

  7. XShadyzX says:

    A lot of people including me haven’t even got a damn ex raid pass yet lol

  8. If the regis come in the game IM FREAKIN GETTING MY GAME UP!!!!!

  9. afrokidryder says:

    When the game first came out, its like all i could catch were rattata, pidgey and a FEW EEVEE here and there, literally anything that wasn't route 2 and viridian forest mons

    i went around the city, the lakes, etc, and maybe after 3 months of genuinely investing time, it seemed THEN that niantic was alrdy resting on its laurels.

    Skipping ahead but behind, i picked back up in Dec, playing recently i missed out on Dratini day (?????) but reguardless the game was still the same.

    Yeah, gyms and raids are different, but not difference makers, not that they're bad…

    But catching? try Gen 3 + 2 + gen 1 route 2 syndrome, i was rdy to put this game down YET AGAIN.

    Then with this quest system, personally i think that hit a mark close to what i wanted / expected all along.

    But Kanto week opened my eyes to something i speculated on that you made me think of at 13:35.

    i rly think niantic finished what the game was supposed to be just in that week.

    I'm not implying when i wake up, sitting on my bed opening the game here should be a Feebas, Salamence and Steelix populating the screen.

    But ffs, out of 151 originals, it's disturbing that at least 90 of them, Drowzee, Holdeen, Scyther, Tauros etc etc etc NOT ONCE EVER SPAWNED up to this point.

    Like i understand the concept and trust me, I've pokemon went plenty of places, but it's just not worth it to go alllll the way somewhere thiking, " i bet there's an onix, scarmory, digletts or some shot here ya?"

    And all you see is a murkrow, hoot hoot + a sentret….hell i never even caught a ditto, 2 right before the actual quest called for it, Ghastly, etc.

    Yet in one week, all of this was remedied, like shitty iv pokemon, every mon i got from a quest has been a wonder, nice after all this time indeed, but even then its like, "9 numels from doing a quest like this" again where-s the variety, where's the followthrough? where's the payoff?

    If you ask me what would plz me, it's simple, why not allow me to play the game whenever, with a joystick even, yes i like to battle, i like raiding, but with whom and when?

    if i can click a gym mon from my menu to feed it a berry… Why can't i move around and do things in the game without physically doing it.

    And last of all, it would be nice to trade mons, i get so down on the fact others have a legion of powerful pokes that would be helpful for people who just fn don't, not that I'm dying or shitting on Moltres, but it would be nice if there was some kind of breakthrough quest for a pokemon of MY OWN CHOOSING as well.

    The book i wrote here is kinda meh, and irrelevant, I'm positive moltres will be the research until people bug niantic enough, and then switch it to zapdos…nothing remarkabld and they will repeat these raids until every legendary has been done and THEN they will drag us on another 2 years and the systems we begged for wont live up to what they coulda been…

  10. Got a 93% Moltres from my reward yesterday, 15 attack 15 stamina; perfect.

  11. Michal X says:

    i've got 98 15/14/15 from the box , so much better than my previous moltres

  12. LDGamn says:

    Deoxys is a mythical Pokémon so he should be through research

  13. Irualdemon says:

    I think Celebi and Jirachi will be available through research and Deoxys potentially from ex raids, but I'd really like some sort of raid and research combo for Deoxys as it's quite unique Pokémon lorewise. 😛

  14. The Nexu says:

    They should really introduce speed in this game. Maybe it could allow you to gain energy faster. It could make things like Crobat or Jolteon better.

  15. Luis Vargas says:

    Rayquaza should've been an ex raid

  16. Whats odd, is that i got my 2nd Breahthrough Moltres during the sunny weather, but Moltres WASN'T weather boosted!

  17. Issa Mahmood says:

    really hope we get better pokemon in research breakthrough

  18. You do kbow deoxys is a mythical too right?

  19. Godwin Park says:

    Deoxys is a mythical Pokemon so probably coming out like Mew after Celebi.

  20. jwace says:

    Speed form can be HP maybe. Also – I stand by that the best way to release Deoxys will be Regular form via Research – And Attack and Defense as Raids.

    And as for the Ban – if you were just spoofing to get a regional or go to the nearest city center – I wouldn't have a problem with that (well – Regionals maybe – only Gen 1+2 regional I did not get was Kanghaskhan and I actually traveled to the respective places). But there are people using bots to get 100% Dratinis and Magikarp……sorry that is wrong.

  21. Magan Hassan says:

    Why is registeel got the least CP out of the other 2 Regis
    Lol 2261CP?! Why? CP system is not perfect since it favours attack power which none of the Regis got high attack stat sadly. Anyone agree with me?

  22. Lets make it clear regice will be bad and regirock but registeel will be good or they will nerf it

  23. Noodlez 48 says:

    I'm also alright with Moltres being the breakthrough still even though I had tons of them

  24. I think, like you, that Deoxys will be the new EX raid.

  25. My Moltres had perfect IVs!!!

  26. Can't wait for Deoxys…just got done watching his movie..he one powerful ALF pokemon…Anyways love your vids.

  27. Hey I just a 1351 moltres too!

  28. Regigias is my favorite pokemon

  29. Armando o says:

    7:36 they do not combine they are separate pokemon

  30. ANDY MORRIS says:

    I got a tram of six champs maxed out and working on two more a 98 and a 96 i recently got kinda want two teams of maxed out machamps

  31. Nice video! Can I have a shout out?

  32. Guys Cars says:

    Veryyyyyy good videos especially with commentary! ??

  33. used to drive to the city back when the birds launched too have moltres run for me three times. Got me my first one through these 7 day challenges.

  34. Eetu Antola says:

    Id like the shiny weather trio (kinda like lugia) this summer! Regies in the current meta are useless.

  35. Jake Marsh says:

    Deoxys is mythical so will probably be released via special research after Celebi.

  36. Nashypoo58 says:

    Wow poke ak your dedication to this game is INSANE I look at the top of your screen and it is 12:01 AM

  37. Content cop intro music. Excellent choice.

  38. I think breakthrough rewards will be monthly.

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