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This video is a POKEMON GO HACK For Android Tutorial. This is the Best NEW Pokemon Go Joystick Hack! Feel free to like and Subscribe! 😀
Hope You Enjoy This Video!
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38 Responses

  1. DTG_ SWE says:

    I cant open the app

  2. Bhai ye unable to antentic bata raha h

  3. Hey it's not working for me

  4. PirateChest says:

    I sitll remember how big the BOOM for pokemon go was!

  5. It is showing me that it is having a issue

  6. it is not for android

  7. Waz G says:

    Hey dude you need to upload more

  8. Muaaz says:

    where've you been homie?

  9. Bazi can you make me an intro?

  10. you suck play the game how it was made. DUMB ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. what happened to sinistershaf

  13. BoltRee says:

    its an good Back.

  14. Alfie Drake says:

    ur so un active dude

  15. CalvinXD says:

    Is there anyway I can get data

  16. JRP says:

    Love your content

  17. crashes every 10 – 15 seconds and pokemon escape and poof on 1st ball

  18. MagnetX says:

    Hey i subbed can you please shout me out.
    btw nice video helped me.

  19. will It work for 5.0 lollipop?

  20. bigchyll10 says:

    when i use the app my avatar moves on its own and when it stop i hit the dpad and he doesn't move at all. how do i fix this?

  21. MrPenguin says:

    I'm using a Pokemon trainer account and it doesn't work. it just shows all water everywhere and it says gps not found

  22. gps signal not found 🙁

  23. Ana :D says:

    bei mir können Gebühren aufkommen wenn ich das Tutu installiere passiert da was ?

  24. Jeremy Lin says:

    Somehow all the Pokemon started running away when I threw the pokeball at them…I mean all literally all!Pokestops are also uncollectable.

  25. Barex says:

    SWEET DUDE. thanks this is awesome!!

  26. Brady Gaming says:

    i dont have android but congrats to android users lol

  27. SRB says:

    Subbed and liked! 😀

  28. Rach Grubb says:

    links all fine but cant install the mod so uninstalled app. Let me know if yoh know how to fix? there is a pokestop just outside my radar sl i only need something to move me like 100m have tried various gsp hacks to no avail 🙁 please help

  29. Ayeee nice hack tutorial 😛

  30. Yasin 12 says:

    I can't click the link.

    Pls help

  31. Morgy R says:

    Does it still work

  32. NEO-GAMING says:

    great looking video mate smashed the like

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