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Hey Guys!

Today I’m gonna give y’all coordinates to the new Pokemon go Korea Festa in Seoul!

So im basically giving you Pokemon Go Korea event Coordinates!

This is Pokemon Go Korean Event Coords!

Watch the Entire video for the Pokemon Go Korean Event Coords and News for the Pokemon Go Korea Event!

Behold The Pokemon go week in Korea Coords!

Before we get into the description of the video, I wanted to tell you all something.

I would not be uploading a Single Video for 15 days. I’ll…

pokemon go news

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12 Responses

  1. Jose Smith says:

    It's fine. Exams are more important than YouTube, start after the exams end?

  2. Jose Smith says:

    Yo man! This place is lit!
    I just caught 3 shiny legendaries back to back!!

  3. Dreca says:

    I cant teleport i got soft Ban anyone Help me

  4. I guess Shelder's Shiny Rate will increase

  5. Any new shinies being dropped?

  6. Freddy Enjoy says:

    I commented to say Hi!
    Nice video right there, great info!
    Thank you for the coordinates.
    I subscribed?

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