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Soloing Tentacruel and Cloyster with different Pokemon. Shiny Raichu, Magneton, Mewtwo, Tyranitar, Espeon and Alakazam.
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18 Responses

  1. Mr Bane13 says:

    Don’t play Pokémon go. Look how battlefront players made EA change there multiplayer system due to the bullshit loot crates. We can do the same by not playing. We can’t rely on these YouTubers to voice our opinions so there for don’t play. Trust me don’t play

  2. marshmalow25 says:

    Yes!!!! Max put magneton! Gen 4 prep XD

  3. Riley C says:

    How are you dealing with the decreased potion rates? It seems like you would be hit pretty hard by the change considering how you like to challenge yourself. Sorry if you’ve answered this question already in a video

  4. jklbeyond2 says:

    It's impossible to do a solo level 3 raid boss here in Asia. Doesn't matter how u power up your mons, there's 10 thousand different glitches and bugs here to screw u over. Well, except the weakest ones, Gengar, Porygon and Scyther. The delay in timer, dodge glitch, invisible charge move by raid boss that kills your current and next mon, multiple charge moves by raid boss, and one more thing I do not see you guys mentioning ———– STALLS (In Raid battles, our screen would freeze up, can't attack, can't dodge, and the ONLY thing that's moving on the screen, is the freaking TIMER!!!!!!!!!) I totally gave up soloing on some of the level 3 after wasting so many raid passes. You guys are trying the hardest ones right now (Cloyster, Ninetales), well…. NOT a chance for us, so we can just wish u guys good luck via these videos.

  5. Dave Plotkin says:

    Btw don't max out your magniton, it will do up only 200 CP. Instead, just give it a power up and make it over 2000.

  6. Dave Plotkin says:

    If you had to transfer all your pokemon except for one, which one would you keep?

  7. Dave Plotkin says:

    The intro shows that your no joke ?

  8. What editing software do u use Poke AK? And btw, great video.

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