Pokemon Go : Niantic introduces new Iv Checker System & Charged Attacks ,I Quit Update+ More

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16 Responses

  1. Youtube can be pretty unforgiving. Some of it can be race related and some of it can be related to the status quo. Youtube will always promote channels who make them the most money. And it typically tends to be the white guys who make them the most money.

  2. Blk Zeus23 says:

    Don’t quit fam, your news channel keeps it 100

  3. Blk Zeus23 says:

    The only way to beat spoofing is to implement it

  4. Dont quit bro you have to overcome the hate. All the greatest ppl today have failed and triumph. Be great my friend!

  5. skylinegtr81 says:

    Hopefully they add more space for items and pokemon.

  6. Ike Eickley says:

    Take your time my friend, your true followers will still be here for and/or when you return one day.

  7. i dont think is about race,

    The problem here is that most people that play this game are males, that been said i have notice for a male to be successful in this field you need to be charismatic, create drama, be good looking, funny, provide useful information and show game play, most people like to see something not just hear you reading the news, either that or be a good looking girl showing some gameplay, and yes they have it more easy but not all girls succed either but they have a better chance.
    we all know how we are among men and the shit we do to each other
    the only advice i can give you is be more likable and funny or show a good looking girl playing with you every now and then idk something that you as a men will turn to watch when you see it on you tube slides, unfortunately this is how it is.

    good luck.

  8. OC Jr says:

    If they add a joystick even if it only has a 2-3 mile range I’ll be back playing, a revamp sounds good but I think there trying to do what they shoulda done a year or so to late. After they have lost a lot of fans. As for racism or prejudice if there’s 1 thing on this planet I HATE it’s that. My dad is black my mom white. Ppl think I look Mexican or East Indian. I don’t understand it. Who the fuck cares. I’m a nice person it ticks me off when I see ppl get slandered by where they live or the color of there skin. I grew up watching my parents deal with racism. I am 43yrs old and it’s a sad situation that this bullshit is still around to this day. I totally understand what your saying about Credit. If I’m the first to do something or have an idea don’t run and take the credit like it’s yours. Give credit to where credit is due. Otherwise it’s plagiarism. So for those that come on here to jack thewaves news at least give him Credit when you make your video. As he does to others for his sources.

  9. VWOLF says:

    Man I think the now Nintendo is coming with the new app they feel safe they give more freedom so pogo is going to be more fun and yea bro I see all the work u do and ty to all the other youtubers pushing u down u don't get credit that sux u have all my support ✊

  10. I guess IV checkers will cease to function.

  11. Keep the good work don’t let nothing stop you

  12. Mah Cj says:

    You have the best source of Pokémon go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

  13. I think this update may revive the game a bit, but not too much. Eventually, people will get bored because there are still lots of bugs they have to fix.

  14. I only watch your channel for the Pokémon news because you have the info 1st. I’m a small really small YouTuber for Reddit. Love the message at the end.

  15. It’s about time they do this instead of sitting on their goddamn dead ass

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