Pokemon GO – PORYGON IN THE BASEMENT?! (Minecraft Pokemon GO Roleplay) #5

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Pokemon GO – PORYGON IN THE BASEMENT?! (Minecraft Pokemon GO Roleplay) #5

[Minecraft Pokemon GO Episode 5] w/ PixelDip!
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49 Responses

  1. why the girl over magnet

  2. I have a greninja


  4. Bernard Borg says:

    Where I live magnemite is so common and when I say common I mean common

  5. SuccafreeTV says:

    Pixel I want you to pls maybe fight the pokemon then throw the poke ball like when you did today

  6. my brother side he hates you.

  7. my brother side he hates you.

  8. lol who else noticed that the jynx was a boy

  9. You are the so cool .

  10. the third pokemon that you said can mega evolution

  11. Alan Swift says:

    The panda dude looks like zephz playz lel

  12. why does is soo laggy but its ok

  13. can. you. do. soñé. more

  14. Chris Blume says:

    Where's your master ball?

  15. Eli Bailey says:

    I Saw electrode next to the level 30

  16. One of those trainers Was papyrus

  17. Can I just ask how you've managed to get so many different pokèmon without catching a Weedle or a Pidgey?

  18. pixel dip your not cheating

  19. Hey pixeldip can I ask for what pixelmon mod your using and how do you keep the pokemon still… Oh and how do change textures… Iam working on something on my new to be roleplay… It is gonna be called… Pixelteam

  20. Wait is porygon a legandary

  21. is it me or is it laggy in the vid

  22. dudududududududididuduid

  23. MilkDudz says:

    Bruh. U should have traded ur lower leveled Voltrob for Syther

  24. Adam Alani says:

    Why is Papyrus there?

  25. IceCube Kidz says:

    i got a joke for this ok here it goes (Why does San have a marowak because they both have bones XD

  26. This was edited in a live stream

  27. ohItsCookie says:

    Yes!!! I am Celebro!

  28. QueenVi says:

    Pixel really you added papyrus 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Dat Bomb says:

    weres pixelmon sun and moon plz tell me pixel

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